America used to consist of mainly blacks and whites. After blacks started marching, rioting, and demanding equality, justice and freedom in the 1960s, not only did a feminist movement magically spring up, America also became more multicultural. The number of Hispanics tripled between 1970 and 1990. They are currently the majority-minority. Liberal multiculturalism was also used to co-opt, weaken, and misdirect black specific issues to everyone’s issues. Suddenly, black rights turned into “minority” rights. That means, Asians, Hispanics, women, and gays are minorities. Or black rights turned into “people of color” rights. Color includes blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. That’s why you constantly hear liberal pundits and celebrities say “people of color” or “black and brown” when they talk about systematic racism against mainly blacks.

So if an executive order is needed to punish police brutality against mainly blacks and to punish the over-criminalization of only blacks, it will be passed for minorities, to stop random, non-systemic, one-off acts against Asians, Hispanics, women and gays. Also, if financial compensation or any type of benefits are owed and awarded to blacks based on years of slavery, Jim Crow legalized racism, or some current era racial injustice, it will be divided between “minorities” or “people of color.” And this is despite the fact that it wasn’t (non-black) women, Asians, Hispanics, and LGBT people that were systematically shut out, cheated, and had their hard work destroyed for hundreds of years. Multiculturalism, women’s rights, and LGBT rights are used to dilute black-specific issues, or to deflect from black issues.

Much love to all my high-minded, smart people out there. Now I realize some of you reading this are a little slow and have comprehension problems. So for all my slow people in the back, let me clarify. (Slow voice) I am not saying the hell with Asians, Hispanics, women, and LGBT. I am not saying they shouldn’t enjoy any type of benefits. Nor am I saying I hate those groups and that they shouldn’t be protected from harm. Ok? Got it? Am I clear? I’m simply saying the Democrats should not latch other groups to black-specific issues- especially considering Asian, Hispanic, women and LGBT-specific compensation and executive orders aren’t used for blacks. That’s only fair. Makes sense?

I’m very idealistic. Ideally, I would like to see prosperity, peace, happiness, freedom, and equality for all groups- that includes blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, women, and LGBT groups. There are issues that are universal to all Americans. But there are also issues that are unique to black people or specific to the other groups. Got it?

Go to the comment section on my Facebook page where I say I am addressing and uplifting issues specific to blacks. You will see some entitled, moronic redneck responding, “So are you saying you hate all wot (redneck accent for the word ‘white’) people?” “So no upliftment for whites? Just blacks, huh?” Clearly that’s not what the hell I said. Sometimes you have to accept that not everyone is that bright.

I’ll say it again and slower this time, in case some dumb ass hick who comments on my page is reading this. I… wish… prosperity… peace… happiness… freedom…and…equality for all groups- that includes… Never mind. Some idiots will never get it.

Ok, now back to the high-minded thinkers. I’ll let the morons in the back finish eating glue and let the what’s-known-but-doesn’t-need-to-be-said- comment I just made marinate in their empty little craniums while we move on.

Here’s a fun fact- or un-fun fact rather, about multiculturalism. There is a collusive monopoly happening. A collusive monopoly is when members of a tightly knit group of public agencies or private corporations make agreements to control the marketplaces or the wealth, power, and resources over a common competitor. America constantly changes the definition of whiteness. Immigrants from Europe, the Middle-East, Spanish speaking countries, and Asia are often classified as white. American political scientist, Andrew Hacker said a long time ago that Asians were on probation to be classified as white. So some immigrants become classified as minorities to cut into black-specific benefits or deflect from them, and others become classified as white to build a larger coalition.

Dr. Claud Anderson said it best in his Powernomics book: “Although coalition building is a popular concept, coalitions almost always operate at the expense of Black Americans. Even though blacks themselves are not organized and do not have stated group goals, coalition building encourages them to coalesce with other groups that do have articulated goals, rather than to organize their own group.”

Dr. Anderson also stated that working with other minority groups or people of color groups who has stated group goals, only helps them achieve their goals, while neglecting black goals. Some of those groups who blacks help, openly compete with blacks for resources. Many other minority groups openly oppose black-specific gains.

So now, every time there is a political black initiative, universalism is added to force blacks to share the benefits of the victory with other minority groups. When there are initiatives for other minority or people of color groups, their benefits are used solely for them and not shared with blacks.

The term Civil Rights was first used at the turn of the Civil War when the Civil Rights laws were ratified in 1865 and 1866. The Civil Rights laws of this bill referred to freedom and economic rights for newly freed blacks. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s changed the focus from economic rights to social and political rights for every so-called minority group. The Civil Rights movement still helped blacks in many ways. It helped blacks socially, but crippled blacks economically. This caused blacks to be consumers instead of producers, and to focus on inequality of income as opposed to wealth. You had no choice but to be producers during Jim Crow because you were barred from employment at many white-owned establishments. You were also banned from using your dollars as consumers at white-owned businesses. So you had no choice but to be producers of businesses. The focus should have been on economic funding for businesses, land, and resources. The Civil Rights Movement also brainwashed black leadership into becoming selfless saviors for other alleged minority groups at the expense of practicing group self-interest. Meanwhile, the other minority groups practice group self-interest and will not offer to help black groups but demand that black leadership advocate for them.

Listen to any mainstream, puppet, black “leader” and organization spokesman and you will hear them say they are fighting for Blacks, Hispanics, LGBT, minorities and women, and use cryptic, but telling terms like “people of color” and “black and brown” to indicate that they will advocate for all groups. Many mainstream, Democratic shills or strategists will say the same thing. They will also cow tow, and bow down to feminist propaganda and help demonize a black male celebrity with a sexual assault charge, whether legit or not. Meanwhile, they will ignore any white public figure’s sexual indiscretions. They will over-sell fake, self-righteous indignation at harming woman, while demonizing male public figures, and men in general who just so happen to be black. This is all under the backdrop of liberal feminism.

I dare any black person, whether famous, or average joe, to go to the National Hispanic Party, the Association of Latino Professionals of America, and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, and ask them to fight for your black ass enduring discrimination or inequality. They will tell you their organization is exclusive to Hispanic issues and reject you. They will direct you to black organizations like the NAACP or Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. But those same black organizations with no stated, specific, proactive, and consistent group goal will advocate for other races and groups. Other groups, and mainstream white think-tanks will call you racist if black groups don’t advocate for other races. They will also neglect to call other groups racist for not speaking on your behalf.

Black people, go to the Japanese American Citizens League, and the Asian American Government Executives Network and ask them to help your black community or district in gaining economic or social and political rights, and they will tell you their organization is exclusive to only Asians. But black leadership is considered racist if they don’t return the favor to their fellow “persons of color” and “black and brown” brothers in arms.

Black people, when you want help with police brutality, racial profiling, and any other form of systemic racism, go to the Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, and LGBT National Help Center, and ask them to help join your fight. The white LGBT fellow “minority” will refer you to some puppet, mainstream black organization after rebuffing your request for help. They will say their organization is strictly for LGBT issues. A black LGBT member is simply an employee and assistant to their white LGBT boss and employer and will tell the black non-LGBT representatives that their loyalty is with their sexual preference and not their race. Despite this, as a black person of influence and prominence, or organization, if you refuse to latch LGBT on to Black issues, refuse to stand up for, or to even acknowledge and celebrate something as primal as a sexual pattern, you will be called a bigot or homophobe.

Black people, if you face discrimination, or notice any pattern of unfairness from all systems, including, police treatment, justice system inequality, media portrayals, education, law, politics, and economics, try approaching the National Women’s Business Council, Association for Women in Communications, and the League of Women Voters of the United States, and ask for their assistance to fight your battles. The white women (and liberal white men) in charge will tell you they are strictly a women’s organization and that they only fight for women’s issues. The black women there are merely pawns, shills, and employees when they tell you their loyalty lies with their gender first and not their race. That’s merely them following marching orders from their white bosses. Once again, as a black group, if you rebuff offers to help women’s issues, or latch them on to black-specific issues, the group, or leader will be considered sexist, and misogynistic. And don’t let you be a black man with an assertive, no-nonsense personality, stating this in a stern and abrupt way. They will call it “toxic masculinity.” Hell, they might even say you threatened or raped them in the process.

Slow people? I ain’t forgot about you. Once again, every group should have justice, fairness, equality, and happiness, that includes, whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, LGBT, and women. I wish nothing but prosperity for all groups. But notice I said equality. Equality means if black groups and think-tanks are required to fight for other groups at the expense of their own self-interest, then the other groups should fight for us as well. If they refuse to help us, then we need to withdraw support for them as well and not face the label of being racist, sexist, and homophobic. That’s called equality. This con-game is run by liberals and Democrats. Many blacks still think the Democrats are for the blacks, and the Republicans hate blacks. As John Henrik Clarke said about blacks: “You have no friends.” Basically, both parties hate you. Democrats simply try to pander to you more. If you don’t practice group economics behind politics, then pick your poison of how you want to get slapped. Do you want to be slapped by the right-wing arm of systematic racism, or the left-wing arm? The choice is yours.