I love seeing the melting pot of different groups, races, cultures, and ethnicities in America. I love to travel and experience the customs of other groups, races, and ethnicities. Once again, I wish nothing but joy and prosperity for all groups, races and nationalities. But this using of multiculturalism to dilute and deflect from black specific issues, is dead wrong.

In 1972, the National Hispanic Party drafted a plan to subordinate Black Americans by the year 2000 by bringing a layer of minority ethnic groups between blacks and whites. They along with Asian, Arab, European, LGBT, and women’s organizations, does not promote a black agenda and they don’t add black interests to their own unique set of interests.

Over the last 200 years, immigrants have cut into black opportunities in areas of employment, business, education, and political opportunities. Through most of the 1800s and 1900s, Black leaders were aware of this and made several petitions to the federal government to postpone open immigration until America had given justice to black Americans for damage caused by slavery and Jim Crow discrimination. It wasn’t until the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, that they changed the focus from civil rights for Blacks to advocacy for all minority groups. Meanwhile, other groups only advocate for themselves.

So all in all, civil rights for blacks went from economic and resources for the Civil Rights Act of 1865 and 1866 to social and political rights, as well as symbolic tokenism with the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act of 1964 and 1965 respectively. And now it’s changed to social, political, and humanitarian rights to all allegedly aggrieved “people of color” and “minorities.”

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the term benign neglect means an attitude or policy of ignoring an often delicate or undesirable situation that one is held to be responsible for dealing with.

Daniel Moynihan introduced the “Benign Neglect” policy in 1969 as advisor to President Richard Nixon. This policy was designed to neglect addressing race issues regarding black Americans and stated that talking about race was actually causing the problem. Moynihan stated “Greater attention to the Indians, Mexican Americans, and Puerto Ricans would be useful.” So to this day, whenever black-specific racial issues are brought up in the media, the subject is replaced with a more all-inclusive angle that includes Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and LGBT issues. That’s why every liberal celebrity or puppet pundit says “black and brown” and not just black, or “people of color.” This was planned.

Even though Moynihan was an advisor to Republican President Richard Nixon, he eventually served the Democratic Senate from 1977 to 2001. Before he served as advisor to Richard Nixon, he served as Assistant Secretary of Labor under President John F. Kennedy

In 1965, Moynihan wrote his book The Negro Family: The Case For National Action which dealt with solutions to help the economic underclass, particularly blacks. Moynihan was a proponent of AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) welfare program which included rules for payments provided “no man was in the house.” Basically, they were paying poor black women to throw their black men out of the house. Around this time, he was known as a political ally of Democratic Senator Robert F. Kennedy. As stated earlier, he eventually served as a Democratic Senator from 1977 to 2001. So yeah. Keep thinking the Democrats are your friend.

Does this mean, I am a die-hard Republican or conservative? Hell no. Like I said earlier, I spent the first few blogs criticizing their propaganda talking points and political tomfoolery as well. The Democrats and the Republicans are not your friend. The Democrats only want the black vote. They don’t want the actual black people. So they will pander to you and campaign to you a lot, but won’t give you anything in return for your vote. The Republicans let you know they don’t mess with you and don’t even attempt to campaign to you. Black people have no political allies.

We “got Trump outta there” as many wanted, thinking Biden will bring a sociopolitical utopia to black people and prevent a sociopolitical so-called dark age by Trump. Police shootings and police assaults are continuing in the post-Trump, Biden era, just as they did in the pre-Trump, Obama era and even all the way down to the beginning of the American political establishment. Is Biden passing any executive orders to end police brutality against blacks? No. But he did announce actions to combat the recent anti-Asians attacks. He even met with the Asian Pacific American Caucus to address the newly, non-systemic alleged rise in Asian hate crimes. Maybe Biden meant on his Breakfast Club interview that “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t Asian.”

But at least Asians are still minorities, just like us black people. So I guess we can vicariously live through seeing swift punishment to culprits of our fellow minority Asian attacks through Biden’s executive orders. Meanwhile, blacks continue to watch cop-on-black crimes go unpunished.

Trump wouldn’t have done anything either. So, like I say, we have no friends. All we have is our economic unity. Black people become annoyed when I tell them that because many have been brainwashed not to trust each other. We have more faith in an imaginary, kind-hearted, Democratic white man to come save us than we do our own economic and political unity. Other groups practice group economics and vote and fund politicians in local, district elections. And they usually vote for politicians that reconstitute their establishments and communities. Other groups are such disciplined economic nationalists with sound structures, that neither party has nothing to offer them, so they don’t vote at all.

I know some of the pigs’ feet-eating baby boomers are ready to come for my neck. “John Lewis got in good trubba so we can blindly vote Democrat every election! You disrespecting our ancestors.” I’m not saying don’t vote at all. I’m saying Malcolm X  also got in “good trubba,” or “bad trubba” rather, telling us to practice group economics with our vote. So we need to practice group economics to leverage both parties at different times to meet our needs. There’s only one political party. That party is conglomerates,  special interest groups, and lobbyists, headed by the billionaire class. And this de facto, oligarchical party controls both the formal Democratic and Republican party. We need to organize our dollar nationally and globally so we can do the same- only control them for the better.