Many blatant forms of discrimination ended after the 1960s. Different forms of legalized discrimination was no longer the norm. Black people had to march and protest and eventually riot just for this to happen. This eventually turned into social unrest and riots by the late 1960s. Racism didn’t end with the dismantling of Jim Crow, however. Many conservatives will try to push this narrative. Racism against Blacks just became more subtle, more sporadic, and relatively infrequent and not as in your face as before.

But no restitution was given afterwards for the prior blatant racism and slavery before that. After the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed, supposedly outlawing discrimination, they killed off all the relevant Black leadership. Malcolm X talked of national group economics and organizing our then annual $20 billion spending habit, and eventually talked of global Pan-African group economics to leverage politics. He was assassinated in 1965. Dr. King started publicly calling for reparations in the late 1960s. He also talked of Blacks organizing a then annual $30 billion spending habit and a redistribution of wealth to poor people of all races. He was assassinated in 1968. And the Black Panther Party talked of practicing group economics to leverage political favor. They were disbanded by the F.B.I. Ol’ bug-eyed J. Edgar Hoover even said Black unity is the biggest threat to America.

Then they took all the factory jobs out of Black communities in the late 1960s going into the 1970s and flooded Black neighborhoods with cocaine and heroine in the 1970s and eventually crack in the 1980s. They used the Welfare system to kick the Black father out of the home of Black children. They used agent criminals, drug dealers, and gang leaders to inspire future generations of organic criminality in Black ghettoes for decades to come in the place of absent Black fatherhood and grassroots Black leadership.

The only reason Blacks were in ghettoes to begin with, was the prior Great Migration, where Blacks migrated north in large numbers to escape racial violence in the south from the from 1916 to 1970. Redlining kept them from buying houses in the northern suburbs, so they had to move into project complexes commonly referred to as ghettoes. Whites left the inner cities to get away from newly arrived Blacks and moved in those same suburbs Blacks were denied entry from. The resources of the inner cities left with the fleeing Whites. This created mass poverty in run down projects and bad living conditions to northern Blacks in those ghettoes. This was the setup before the prior mentioned using Welfare to dismantle the Black family and flooding of Black neighborhoods with drugs in the 1970s and 1980s. The mainstream media has been calling Blacks innate criminals ever since- even though they were calling them that during Jim Crow and slavery as well.

The organic Black leadership of the 1960s that was killed off, was replaced with puppet Black leaders who didn’t have a sustained movement with a sustained goal. The current leadership is only reactive to one-off racial incidents that reflect symptoms. But no sustained proactive measure is used to fight underlying problems. Other than that, current leadership only urges you to vote as the end all be all.

Not only did the powers that be not offer restitution to years of slavery and Jim Crow ended, they also covertly did more underhanded stuff to destroy the Black community from the 1970s until now.

Black people and politicians need to seriously push for reparations and demand that politicians not just do it for political gain. I’m pretty sure it’s not hard to see who’s owed money for slavery. Eighty-nine percent of Blacks were enslaved. And I know they can trace the lineage to Black families destroyed by lynchings, and unprovoked race riots in the Jim Crow years. We need to demand that the government calculate the value of Black labor, property, and deaths.

Government and corporations can offer reparations through cash payments to Black families, land grants, educational scholarships, tax exempt status and free health care. Cash payments from banks could be used for Blacks to draw down equity and capitol for business investments also. Dr. Claud Anderson discussed in his Powernomics book that Blacks should file a “natural law” claim against governments, religions, and businesses for death, injury, and unjust enrichment on behalf of victims of slavery and Jim Crow. Congress has the authority to award funds based on the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

The government and corporations can also subsidize any organic, self-help Black leadership. They can fund a Black leader who does male mentorship to Black children of single mothers. They can fund Black educators or establish Afro-centered schools that teach Blacks their true history of powerful civilizations they established before slavery and Jim Crow. It would be helpful for them to fund a Black entrepreneur’s own Black media empires of television stations, radio, and digital print media that paint Blacks in a more positive light.

The current education system only prepares them to be mindless workers and not leaders. And it doesn’t teach Blacks of their accomplishments of civilizing the western world and other contributions throughout world history. The current Black media paints Black people in a negative light. These images lead to low esteem and degenerate behavior in certain segments of Black youth and even adult populations. Funding of Black-owned music record labels where artists are allowed to put out positive music and not sell street life and other forms of degeneracy to the youth could be a form of reparations.

Food, clothing, housing, water, land, and a cohesive family structure are needed to sustain a community. Land can be granted for Blacks. Funding Black-owned farmers markets, grocery stores, and education for growing and cultivating organic foods for healthy living can be given. Even if reparations aren’t granted specifically to families, funding can be given to build Black institutions like Black grocery stores, schools, media empires, real estate, hospitals, and any other institution that sustains communities.

Even while reparations aren’t given for that, reparations can still be given in another form. Reparations can be lawmakers investigating jail sentencing and making sure Blacks aren’t getting harsher sentences for committing the same crimes as other ethnicities. They can also pass executive orders to punish cops who unjustly murder Black citizens. And make sure no more Klansmen are infiltrating law enforcement, politics, and other institutions. A starting point for reparations can be eliminating all forms of systematic racism in institutions of law enforcement, the justice system, media, education, housing, labor, and any other institutions where racism is rampant.

The powers that be knows what to do. They’re just not doing it. They paid the reparations to Japanese, Germans, Jews, $5 white Indians who finessed them, and cigarettes smokers. So now the same thing needs to be done for Blacks.


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