I also noticed a big contradiction in how a certain group of black people think and all black people are told to think versus how we’re told to think weaved in with mainstream society. Many of my fellow black people don’t seem to notice this contradiction. We, well a lot of y’all really, will talk and think out of both sides of your mouths and brains. The bigots who teach us to think this way might talk out of both sides of their mouths when they teach us this hypocrisy. But you can rest assured, they are only thinking outside of one side of their deceitful brain as they knowingly feed us hypocritical nonsense.

In a nutshell, black people weaved into the American thought process have a justice, militaristic mind. Whites as a singular entity, have this same justice oriented, militaristic mindset. If you do something to them, or show any government tyranny, or what they perceive as that, they will wild out. That’s why they are always talking about gun rights and needing it to protect against potential oppressive power. And as a collective country, if a terrorist attack happens on our home soil, or something is done to Americans anywhere, we are taught, it’s morally right to go to war in the name of justice or, as people vaguely say, “to protect our freedom at home.”

Now if you take certain segments of black people thinking independently of America as a whole, our mindset is different. And we’re taught to think different. If a cop or race soldier commits violence against us, or any non-race related violence happens against us, some of our religious minds tells us we are required to forgive in the name of the sky-pops we pray to. Otherwise, we won’t make it to heaven. We’re taught to have a religious mind as a race collective in the face of unprovoked violence, and as a whole country, taught to think justice, war, and militaristic-oriented.

I’m not suggesting black people do anything crazy. But don’t hug a Karen cop who shot your loved one and make a display of it on TV. I’m specifically referring to the white woman cop, Amber Guyger murdering a black man, Botham Jean while he ate ice cream in his apartment. Jean’s younger brother Brandt Jean hugged her in court during the trial, on national television. He also forgave her and wished her the best in life. Don’t allow the liberal media to coerce you into saying you forgive someone in the name of your religion or your supposedly touching display of class, grace and taking the high road. America didn’t take the high-road during Pearl Harbor or the 9/11 attack.

And the action you should take is to put pressure on politicians and lawmakers to lock cops up who commit unprovoked murders as opposed to just getting suspended or fired. Even pushing for capital punishment for criminals who misrepresent their duty as an officer. We need more than suspensions, firings, and cultural sensitivity classes for cops, where they visit a civil rights museum and are taught about Jim Crow and slavery. And this is supposed to teach them to become more sensitive to policing black people? Come on now.

There are religious people in the military who proudly go to war for their country and freedom. Why don’t we hug the Taliban and forgive them the same way some of us forgive domestic terrorists? If it’s a so-called sin to want capital punishment, or the worst possible punishment for domestic terrorists in the form of criminals with badges, then it’s also a so-called sin to fight wars against an overseas terrorist. If it’s considered brave and honorable to not hug and forgive overseas terrorists, then it’s brave and honorable to say you want the highest form of justice here against domestic terrorists. Keep the same energy. I’m pretty sure the God some pray too can see the contradiction. It seems most people feel it’s only morally acceptable to not forgive and want justice when the media and law says so through promoting the latest war.

Not all black people think this way. But a lot do. And the liberal media is good at encouraging the coverage of cheesy themes of black people showing supposed grace, class, and taking the high road by forgiving a criminal who murders your loved one without provocation. Gtfoh.

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