At this point, it would be too cliché to come up with some cynical spin on the meaning, the agenda, and motive behind why they come up with holidays.

Every time there’s a holiday, there are also conscious memes floating around social media, explaining why you shouldn’t celebrate the holiday, and or educating us on an unknown fact about the holiday, it’s hidden meaning and the historical origins of it.

I always learn something new from those memes. There’s a lot of stuff that we think we know that we don’t.

Despite all that, I’m not going to wax cynical poetics about the racist man playing in our collective faces. We should use this time to reflect on what our ancestors had to endure to get to this point. We also need to honor the sacrifices they made for us.

Black people had to endure a lot of stress from slavery and the ensuing Jim Crow. And of course we now have the more subtle and sporadic racism of today.

Don’t slack, Black people. Whether individually or collectively, we need to work hard, grind hard, attract, manifest, or do all of the above to gain upward mobility. This upward mobility could be financially, emotionally, spiritually, and even your physical health.

We have it far easier than our ancestors. So let’s take advantage of the opportunities that our ancestors didn’t have.

I use most holidays as an excuse to feel festive, have fun, and spend time with, and bond with family- regardless of the meaning of the holiday. That’s what most of us do anyways.

There’s always a slick motive behind why they give us holidays. Joe Biden passed legislation for Juneteenth as an official holiday in 2021 to placate us and shut us up about wanting justice for police brutality and for pushing for financial and resources based-reparations- and not justan apology like Bill Clinton gave in the 1990s. That was his way of saying, “here nigras. Now shut up.”

But, anyways. Happy Juneteenth. And don’t forget to go ahead and subscribe to the premium section for $5 a month or $50 a year if you like this content. You’ll get way more content in the premium section. In the long run, we’ll get more conscious writers and thinkers for this platform. In the meantime, y’all stay up and stay blessed.




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