The Boule was founded on May 15, 1904 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by Henry Minton. The Boule was made as a black version of and subordinate fraternity to the elite white fraternity, Skull and Bones. The Boule’s job is to serve the interests of the white elite. He eventually established the second chapter in Chicago, Illinois, chapter three in Baltimore, Maryland, chapter four in Memphis, Tennessee, and a fifth chapter in Washington DC. W.E.B. Du Bois eventually founded the tenth chapter in New York.

W.E.B. Du Bois came from a well-to-do family in New England. He pushed for civil rights and for an educated black intelligentsia which he called the “Talented Tenth.” This Talented Tenth was designed to be the mainstream face of black group thought. They controlled the narrative and viewpoint for solutions to black issues. The Roland Martins, Van Jones, Angela Ryes, and Michael Eric Dysons are the modern day equivalent of Du Bois’ original Talented Tenth.

W.E.B. Du Bois was the Boule member used to take down the grassroots leader, Marcus Garvey. In 1914, Marcus Garvey started the United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) in Jamaica. He arrived in the U.S. in 1916. Marcus Garvey vouched for the common black person while Du Bois vouched for the upper class, elite blacks. Garvey also vouched for black global self-governance and group economics without dependence on whites while Du Bois vouched for assimilation into white society with the help of white liberals.

Garvey’s organization saw their membership grow to 8 million by the late 1910s. Garvey launched an all-black steamship company. Garvey urged blacks to work for themselves, support black businesses and not to rely on whites for help. Garvey eventually had his organization infiltrated by the FBI agents as J. Edgar Hoover hired the first black agents to neutralize Garvey’s movement and organization. A black agent eventually set Garvey up and on June 18, 1923, Garvey was convicted of fraud and jailed for 2 of the 5 years he was sentenced. After Garvey was released from jail, he was deported to Jamaica and banned from America. Garvey tried to receive a presidential pardon but was unsuccessful each time up until his death in 1940.

As the grassroots Garvey was awaiting trial, the mainstream and chosen leadership of W.E.B. Du Bois constantly attacked him in his periodical The Crisis. The Black American public would eventually follow the more assimilationist minded Du Bois more, as Garvey’s influence was limited from jail and outside of the U.S.

The early Boule group worked hard to convince the white elite that they were the blacks to be counted on. Margaret Sanger of planned parenthood eventually approached Du Bois in 1929 to ask how to convince blacks to accept planned parenthood in the black community. And of course, Du Bois advised her through the church pulpit. American Birth Control League was the original name of planned parenthood. Sanger targeted Harlem first. Three hundred pastors in Harlem received a $500 check from Sanger to back her to build the first black abortion clinic in Harlem in April 1929.

Some liberals will try to defend Margaret Sanger’s motive  and say she was simply trying to prevent unwanted pregnancies of all Americans- particularly African Americans. But this contrasts what Sanger wrote in her autobiography about speaking to a Ku Klux Klan group while advocating for a eugenics approach to breeding for “gradual suppression, elimination and eventual extinction, of defective stocks- those human weeds which threaten the blooming of the finest flowers of American civilization.”  In 1939, Sanger wrote a letter to Dr. C.J. Gamble, urging him to hire a black physician to convince black people to accept abortion, also known as planned parenthood. In the letter, Sanger urged Dr. Gamble to get spiritual leaders to justify using planned parenthood as a means for back population control and eventual extermination. Her exact words were, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out the idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” Her motive was for selective breeding for whites to increase their numbers and less breeding to decrease and eventually eradicate the black population.

I’m pretty sure ol’ Boule Du Bois didn’t realize Sanger had nefarious motives. I’m also pretty sure he regretted being receptive to Sanger’s ideas and trusting her after realizing she was shady. Many Boule members don’t realize that several liberal whites that smile in their face and appear to want to help blacks, are usually covertly trying to destroy and undermine them. Some do realize it but don’t care, as long as they receive perks from liberals for pushing their agenda.

Du Bois eventually became more radical with his Pan-Africanist economic unity philosophy in the 1940s and 50s. His views started to resemble Marcus Garvey more, the very person he was beefing with and trying to undermine. Du Bois even resigned from his editorship position  at The Crisis and the NAACP in 1934, while criticizing the organization as being more dedicated to the Black bourgeoisie while ignoring the problems of the masses. By the 1930s, he disavowed his old elitism and light-skinned/dark-skinned colorism beef with Garvey. Even Carter G. Woodson, the founder of the Washington DC Boule chapter in 1911, wrote and published The Mis-Education of the Negro in 1933 where he stated that the college educated Boule blacks were being used by the white elite.

This isn’t a subject about whether I’m for or against abortion. This is merely an example of Boule elites doing the bidding for elite white liberals while pretending to be for black people. This is also an example of liberal whites appearing friendly (planned parenthood), but really having sinister ulterior motives (extermination of blacks.) A modern example is seeing the current crop of Boule elites encouraging the black masses to be willing guinea pigs for the Covid-19 vaccine after it’s been clearly stated publicly that if there are any adverse effects caused by the shot, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, and whatever other company that administers the vaccine, cannot be held liable.

Once again, they’re using puppet celebrities as well. Rapper Juvenile re-made his old song “Back That Thang Up” to “Vax that Thang Up.” Way to go, white elite. Negroes love rappers. Get a rapper to vouch for the vaccine and that’ll really get the darkies to listen and vax up.

Legendary NBA player Bill Russell was known as a defensive shot-blocker in the 1950s and 60s. He did a commercial where he stated that he “blocked many shots” (basketball shots that is) in his career. The commercial showed old, grainy, 1960s footage of him blocking basketball shots. Then it showed Russell stating that this is the one shot (vaccine shot that is) he won’t block as it showed them supposedly giving him the Covid vaccine shot. When I saw the commercial, I thought it was very cute, clever, and even condescending to us basketball-loving darkies. Way to go white elite. Play on the term basketball shot and vaccine shot. This will really get “the blacks” out to get the shot. They did the same commercial with basketball legend, Julius Erving saying that, as a player, he wasn’t scared to take the “big shot” (basketball shot that is) as it showed 1970s or 80s footage of him taking basketball shots. He further stated that he’s still not scared to take the “big shot” (vaccine shot that is), as it showed him allegedly getting a Covid vaccine shot.

I don’t know if they are formal members of the Boule. But they damn sure are clicked in with them and pushing this vaccine agenda along with any other agenda their bosses tell them to push. Sports analyst, Stephen A. Smith even criticized basketball star, Lebron James for not using his fame and influence to encourage young blacks to get the shot.

Roland Martin, and other mainstream liberal, political analysts, and TV and radio personalities even spaz out on and constantly berates us regular, “dumb ass” blacks for not blindly listening to Chris Cuoma, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer, all of CNN, MSNBC, and the mainstream news for any agenda they push, or instruct them to push. And the agenda could be to only blindly vote Democrat without demanding anything for your vote, supporting and becoming willing guinea pigs for the Covid shot, using feminism to get black men and women to join forces with liberal whites to berate masculine black men, and using LGBT families to become a normal replacement of the traditional, black man, woman and child family structure, or it could be to declare code red on another black celebrity that’s not toeing the line to the sinister agenda they try to push.

I’m not making an argument of whether you should get vaccinated or not get vaccinated. Get the Covid shot if your gut instincts tell you to. I’m simply saying, don’t trust white liberal mainstream media (or conservative media also), don’t trust liberal pundits, black or white, and don’t trust Boule celebrities or puppet athletes or entertainers that they use to push their agenda. Ask as many questions as you can and look at all of them with a suspicious eye. The racist elite usually don’t reveal their true motives until 50-100 years later. So maybe one day we will find a Margaret Sanger, abortion/planned parenthood comment equivalent about the Covid shot or the intentional releasing of the virus to begin with as a sinister plot. All I’ll say is, don’t trust the media and their puppet newscasters, political analysts and fake celebrities. Their job is not to report news. Their job is to conduct psyop drills on the public to get an emotion, reaction, and eventual action that matches what they want. Their job is also to tell you how to think, what to think, what public figure you should love and admire, who to stay away from, what group you should exalt, and what group you should denigrate. Your favorite black celebrities and TV and radio personalities, are just high-paid employees. Nothing more and nothing less.

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