Guess what. This history of blacks fighting to be firsts in White-owned institutions, fighting to own an institution as an unprecedented act outside of the norm, and to fight for equal rights with Whites is American Black history, not world Black history. Blacks were prosperous dynasty-running citizens of the world for thousands of years before world-wide colonization by Arabs and Whites, slavery, Jim Crow, Apartheid, and this current era of subtle and more sophisticated racism.

As esteemed historian, John Henrik Clarke said, the era of world-wide colonization by Whites, American and African slavery, Jim Crow blatant racism and lynchings, and this current era of relatively subtle racism in media, education, business, law, the justice system, police brutality and the socially-engineered black-on-black crime amongst a small percentage of Blacks, represents 1 minute in a metaphorical time clock. Blacks building and running wealthy dynasties and empires of Mali, Songhai, the Kingdom of Kush, the Land of Punt, the Kingdom of Kush, Aksum, ancient Kemet, now renamed to Egypt by European Greek colonizers, and a host of other dynasties, represents 59 minutes on a historical world clock. There was no need for a Black first in a high-level position in any of the multiple Black-ran institutions that were apart of these multiple Black-built and ran dynasties, considering Blacks ran and built them to begin with.

The Kingdom of Kush stood as a regional power in Africa for over a thousand years. It reached it’s peak in the second millennium and operated a lucrative market of ivory, incense, iron and gold. The Land of Punt dates back to 2500 B.C. and was rich in resources like, ebony, gold, myrrh and exotic animals. The Kingdom of Carthage was a North African commercial hub that flourished for over 500 years. This city-state started in the 8th and 9th century B.C. as a Phoenician settlement and is now called Tunisia. This grew into a sprawling, seafaring empire that dominated trades in textiles, gold, silver, and copper. It had a million citizens with docking bays for 220 ships. By the 2nd and 3rd dynasty, the Kingdom of Aksum was an elite trader of ivory and gold and had a distinctive architectural style that involved building massive stone obelisks, some of which stood over 100 feet tall.

The Mali Empire dates back to the 1200s. The city of Timbuktu’s Sankore University included a library with over 700,000 manuscripts. The Mali empire was known for its wealth and luxury. Mansa Musa was a ruler in Mali and is the wealthiest person in history with an estimated net worth reported at $400 billion. In Virginia public schools, they are teaching 3rd graders that Mali was a rich country, but don’t mention that it’s located in Africa. They are also trying to claim that Mali people were middle easterners and not Africans. The Virginia Department of Education, ahem, false indoctrination, rather, states on their website that Mansa Musa was a middle easterner as opposed to the Black African he actually was. These are lies to keep Black people thinking subordinate-minded and to keep White children with a boss mentality, and air of superiority, and a leadership-entitlement mentality.

But what else is new. “They” have long since claimed that Egyptians who build pyramids were White-skinned Arabs, as opposed to the Black-skinned Africans they were. They also teach that Black Africans were uncivilized, jungle-bound, naked savages that needed to be civilized by the sophisticated, white, slave captor. The truth of the matter is, it was actually the other way around. Many anthropologists have documented evidence of the original human beings as being black in Ethiopia 200,000 years ago. In, there’s a March 2015 article called, “First human discovered in Ethiopia,” where even European Professor Brian Villmoare of the University of Nevada, based on his research of fossils, pushes back the first human being 400,000 years ago in Ethiopia.

Eventually, the original melanated humans gave way to lighter complexions phenotypes, from original negroids (Black) species from 200,000 to 400,000 years ago, to mongoloid species (Asian), to caucasoid (White). Blacks were known as the sun people, because they lived in sunny, warm climates, Asians were known as sand people, as they lived in sandy environments, and Whites were the ice people that lived in frigid temperatures during the ice ages. White scientists of recent times would rather say they evolved from monkeys than admit blacks, the different variation of Blacks like Hispanic and Indian people, and eventually Asians as their anthropological and genetic predecessor.


It was Blacks in Kemet and northern Africa who taught European Greeks agriculture, farming, math science, astrology, writing, hygiene, religion, and supernatural topics. The Greeks passed this on to the Romans, the Romans lost this knowledge, and their Dark Ages lasted for 500 years, while Black empires were still prospering. It was the Black Moors who brought an end to the Dark Ages of the Romans. Western, White, Greek, and Roman civilizations are merely the disrespectful child of African Nile Valley civilization. It was actually in Europe, where lawlessness, barbarianism, and filth were rampant. During this time, 99% of the population in Europe was illiterate, including kings and queens, who couldn’t read or write. Moors built 300 public baths in 21 suburbs of Spain and introduced bathing and soap to them at a time when Whites thought bathing was evil and religiously sinful.


When most people think of slaves, the first image that comes to mind is Black slaves in America. The word slave originated from the word Slavic as in Slavic people and Yugoslavia. Caucasians were called Slavics- meaning servants to the elite Black rulership during the Byzantine Empire in Eastern Europe. Whites were also known as surfs and villains during the Miedeval times as they worked for their black overlords. The Byzantine Dynasty lasted from 300 AD to 1453. Blacks did not rule over Whites to be evil, condescending, and competitive the way Arabs and Europeans did during Middle Eastern and Western world slavery. It was done knowing, Whites were relatively new to the civilized world and it was the best work they could do. Black rulership over white Slavics, Surfs, and Villains also did not have any level of violence and degradation.


 Eventually, in 1492, Isabella and Ferdinand defeated the last Moorish King in Grenada and overtook them. This was the same year that Queen Isabella commissioned Christopher Columbus to “discover” what they called the New World. Subsequently, Columbus and his goons killed off several Indians and indigenous Blacks that were already in the Americas and enslaved others. Slave ships were also used to bring more Blacks from Africa over. Europeans went on to use Moor-invented rifle fire sticks, and Chinese-invented gunpowder to drive Moors out of Spain and back to West Africa, to kidnap slaves in the Sub-Saharan and transatlantic slave trade, and to colonize African countries.


 Be that as it may, not all Blacks were brought to America on slave ships from Africa. Many were already here as indigenous Blacks. Blacks were in America when the land of America divided from Africa in 40,000 B.C. Other Blacks in America are exiled ruling-class Blacks of Europe who were kicked out of Europe after Europeans started to take back over Europe in the mid to late 1800s.

African Moors ruled America from 1312 A.D. to 1774 A.D., ancient Greece was started by Black Minoan Egyptians and ran from 2000 B.C. to 800 B.C., North and South America was ruled by Olmec Egyptians from 1500 B.C. to 400 B.C., China was first started by Black Ethiopians of the Teheu Li Dynasty and ran by them from 1122 B.C. to 249 B.C. All of these prosperous dynasties are the higher time percentage, metaphorical 59-minute portion of black history that was interrupted by the small-time percentage, metaphorical 1-minute portion of global European colonization, slavery, Jim Crow, Apartheid even, and this current era of subliminal racism, crack epidemic, and socially engineered Black-on-Black crime for that small percentage of disenfranchised, poor Blacks.


 I don’t write this to say Blacks are better than Whites, I write this to say Whites are not better than Blacks the way mainstream “historians”, the media, and the department of miseducation tries to imply through lies, mental projection, and revisionist history.


So, from now on, when Black people think of Black history, we need to think of the pre-slavery and global colonization dynasties, and not just great Blacks who fought against slavery and Jim Crow, and who were landmark firsts of their prosperously-owned institutions. Also, instead of just paying lip-service to Dr. King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, and even Imhotep, Mansa Musa, and Queen Nerfertari too for that matter, we need to try to become them. Stop waiting for some singular, charismatic and well-spoken leader to “lead” you. Get involved. Let’s build media empires to define ourselves to the world, our own schools to teach our children our true history and organize our national and global spending to build future wealthy empires for another metaphorical 59 minutes of several dozen centuries. They can make all the “12 Years A Slave” movies they want. I always imagine a realistically hypothetical “12 Dynasties A King” movie instead. Hollywood will never make that movie- unless it’s falsely White-washed with White kings. That’s ok though. My third eye is open. And my real eyes can realize real lies.















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