Many of you might have casually heard me refer to the Boule and wondered just who the Boule is. Well, I will tell you who they are. The Black Boule is also known as Sigma Pi Phi. The short answer is that they are a secret society of Black elites who are appointed and employed by white elites to lead the black community in the direction the white elite wants it to go through politics, music, entertainment, and education. The white elite guarantees the Black Boule members notoriety, fame, and or riches in exchange for serving their interests. Many of your favorite celebrities are puppet Boule members. Many of these Black, puppet politicians who you fawn over, are Boule.

One of the main reasons the white elite needs the black Boule is to have controlled opposition and pretend, and phantom opposition against racial injustice and oppression that they themselves administer. The white, racist elite knows that racial tyranny and oppression will eventually cause the uncontrollable grassroots masses to explode- either in calculated organization, or impulsive rage or reciprocated violence. But when you have a group pretending to stand up to systemic racism with phantom solutions while covertly pacifying you, their racial injustice will remain intact, unchallenged.

So whenever there is police brutality against blacks or any other racist act displayed on the media through the years, the masses will simply wait for “Rev.” Jesse Jackson or “Rev.” Al Sharpton to lead a controlled protest march, give a speech condemning racism or do an interview intellectually masturbating and analyzing racism on a surface level. The elite picks a reverend to “lead” Blacks because they know black people fawn over their pastors and can easily be finessed and controlled through the church.

Also when some racial act happens that outrages the black masses, the masses will simply wait for Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Michael Eric Dyson, Angela Rye, Swollen Roland Martin, or Van Jones’ crying ass (That’s a crying muhfucka, too) to give an interview on CNN or MSNBC analyzing racism on a surface level and urging us to vote Democrat again as the only solution to racism. The masses will simply wait for a Boule pretend pastor or member of the black intelligentsia to lead a protest march, debate conservatives on whether racism still exists, or debate on which politician is better at helping us poor nigra folks gain equality. And black spectators who watch “the news”- or more less, the Psyop operation at face value, passionately cheer on the Boule liberals and passionately cheer against the bigoted white conservatives and against the sometimes Boule black conservatives. The cheering blacks don’t even understand that the Boule liberals are controlled opposition with phantom solutions. Most Boule members are Democratic and liberal, but some are conservatives as well. Many black conservatives are the metaphorical equivalent to independent contractors- meaning they aren’t apart of the secret society or fraternity, so to speak, but they are being independently financed and sometimes even blackmailed by conservative white racists to spew venom about fellow blacks to give it more validity.

Have you ever noticed how reactive liberal black “leaders” are? They wait for some public racist incident to happen, and then their white bosses parade them around on TV to discuss the issue and the problem on a surface level. When asked what the solution is, it’s always more circular debates, “public discourse” or “conversations on race,” as they like to call it. The sometimes shouting-match laced debates then causes social media and TV viewers who are opposing supporters of both respective sides to have hostility towards each other. What’s the next solution after the empty debates? Turn the political entertainment into a leverage for a Democratic vote by urging blacks to go “rock the vote” as the end all, be all solution.  Not every phantom black leader is a formal member of the Boule. Some are simply clicked in with them and work with them.

Whenever an unarmed black person is unjustifiably murdered by the police due to excessive force, you always see the lawyer Benjamin Crump on television angrily railing against police brutality. He’s usually at an interview or press conference next to the grieving victim’s family member representing them. Later, Benjamin Crump will negotiate and successfully secure a lucrative settlement for the victim’s family. And he gets paid a percentage as well. The end.

The death of a black person in exchange for the riches for the victim’s family. There are stipulations for the angry and grieving family members to secure the payment, however. Benjamin Crump and his white elite handlers will urge and finesse the victim’s family to pacify the infuriated crowd of Black people. The victim’s family will oblige by saying their Christian faith and sky-daddy Jesus would want him or her to forgive the murderous civilian race soldiers or police, so therefore they forgive them. Then they will urge the angry masses to calm down, go home, and accept the verdict. That’s what they say verbally. What they think however, is “I’m rich- so I ain’t mad no more” and “My lawyer Benjamin Crump is getting a cut as well.”

And if there is an organic, grassroots leader or group outside of the Boule fighting racism or other economic, health, spiritual, or mental issues related to black people, they will be snubbed from coverage by the mainstream media. If the grassroots leader or group gains too much word-of-mouth organic popularity, fame, and influence, the media will cover them simply to discredit, demonize them and turn their supporters away from them. They will try to control the narrative regarding them and character assassinate them.

And when that fails, guess what they do. They get the black Boule politicians, pundits, and even athletes and entertainers to attack them publicly, or dismiss them as irrelevant because they’re not on mainstream TV. They will agree with whatever false narrative and demonization the media puts out against them. They’ll also agree with whatever strawman argument the media made against the grassroots leader or organization’s intent, solution, argument, or mission statement.

Strawman is basically, purposely misinterpreting someone’s intent or statement to mean something else- usually more sinister or ignorant. If grassroots leadership says to arm yourselves for self-defense against racist vigilantes, mainstream media will say you are plotting on committing unprovoked violence against whites- all whites at that, and not just the racist vigilantes. If grassroots leaders tell blacks to practice group economics, the mainstream news will say they are discriminating against whites and other so-called minorities- even though other groups practice it. If grassroots leadership simply criticizes systematic racism, the  mainstream media will redefine their statement to saying they hate all white people. If grassroots leadership criticizes police brutality and advise we police ourselves, the mainstream media will say they are “attacking” police. And they will say you are racist for merely criticizing racism and advising the do-for-self group economics philosophy.

Having mainstream media criticize underground grassroots is an effective strategy. It’s effective because most people believe “the news” is agenda-less news reporting. And social media and even before social media, any word-on-the-street rumblings that contrasts mainstream narrative, is simply viewed as some ignorant conspiracy kook or dashiki and kufi wearing, fisted black power glove wearing, bean pie selling, pro-black militant caricature who don’t watch “the news” and is merely “into that black stuff” and “conspiracy stuff.”

It’s one thing to have mainstream white reporters to demonize organic leadership. But when all else fails, get a black Boule celebrity pundit, political strategist, athlete or entertainer to condemn and disavow them. Welcome to the Boule shit show folks.

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