No, seriously. Is it? No, I’m joking. I don’t care about this issue really. Just trying to help the website algorithm.

I’ll say this about the whole situation though. I don’t think this was a deliberate distraction by them people high up who control the media and push agendas and smokescreen distraction stories. I think this was an organic situation where the homey Dwight Howard was caught up in a messy situation that made its way to the public.

I recently heard rappers Mase and Cam’ron talk about the Dwight Howard situation on their It is What It Is podcast. Mase made the point that we should stop saying “what people do in their personal time is none of our business.” He said that it is some of our business. People you date and do business with should know your private affairs to make a decision on whether they want to deal with you. That’s a good point that I would have to agree with.

But two things can be true at the same time. Dwight Howard responded by saying that it’s no one’s business what he does in his bedroom. He said that people are weird for having an over obsession on what he does privately and who he sleeps with. That’s a good point also. In the western wilderness of America, there is an over obsession with celebrities’ personal lives and sex lives. There is also an obsession with the character behind the talent they display in whatever field- whether is be sports, entertainment, or professional bullshitting, ahem, politics. People want to know are you a good or bad person behind the carefully crafted media personas. People want to know are you tough or soft in real life, are you nice or mean, cool or corny, or whether you are the same as the perception you put out publicly.

Celebrity culture dominates America. We are the coolest country. Our popular culture is globally influential. Our education system sucks, health care sucks, higher crime rate sucks, hell, even the moral character of mainstream thought sucks, but our entertainment and sports is always poppin. But we do obsess too much over the personas of public figures who drive popular culture. Over the last ten years or so, it’s been overkill by the media and social media with the way they overly obsess over the public and behind the scenes personas, and private lives and affairs of public figures. I’m pretty sure many don’t care about scandals any more simply because they have been overplayed. I’m no longer shocked when I hear a new scandal. I’ll be more shocked when the scandals stop coming.

But anyways. I just googled the Dwight Howard story to write about this dumb ass story. That’s as far as I will go to research it. I only do exhaustive research on deeper subjects that I consider my worthwhile. Before, the Dwight Howard story headline would come across all my personal social media timelines and on YouTube, and I would think in a blasé  tone in my mind, “Oh damn. That’s crazy.”  Y’all know that tone you use when someone is telling you a long, boring story and takes forever to get to the point or ending.

One story said a Georgia man accuses Dwight Howard of sexual assault. I found another one on Google from ESPN. Their headline read, “Dwight Howard denies sexual assault allegations, wants lawsuit dismissed.”

So far we don’t know whether he’s innocent or guilty of sexual assault.  He’s innocent until proven guilty. So I’m not going to clown or slander him like many are. We know he’s gay though. That’s for damn sure. That fact shouldn’t be a shock anymore. We just don’t know if he’s guilty of the crime of sexual assault.

But anyways. Who cares? I know I don’t. I didn’t even bother reading the whole story. I just keep seeing the headline.

I used a celebrity’s name- Dwight Howard, and  the word “sex” and “scandal” in the headline. That should bring more eyes to this website and then we can rap and build about deeper and more pressing issues.


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