The Boule group still does some great things for blacks and makes excellent contributions to society. Black people just shouldn’t overly fawn over them, overly trust them, and black people should take what they say or push with a grain of salt. Sometimes, Boule members help black America by default of helping the white elite in an even bigger way. They say many of the right things and they fight against racism on a relatively smaller scale. But their ultimate loyalty is to the white elite first and then their selected elite cronies of other rich and wealthy blacks. And even they backstab each other for their white, elite bosses when it’s time to publicly character assassinate one. In the process, the black elite sometimes trickle small beneficial actions to the masses. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Many civil rights leaders and accomplished black leaders were Boule members. Martin Luther King, Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, Whitney Young, Arthur Ashe, John “good trubba” Lewis, Andrew Young, Ron Brown, Eric Holder, Kweisi Mfume, Herman Cain, and many more, were members of the Boule.

The Civil Rights Movement, influenced and co-ran by many Boule members and white liberal elites, was successful because the mainstream white media covered the movement through television stories, radio, magazines, and newspapers. If the mainstream media wanted to silence the Civil Rights Movement, all they had to do was refrain from covering the civil rights activities. In the process, they would’ve silenced and ignored the civil rights activities. The Civil Rights Movement was not a grassroots movement. It was a great movement. But it was not grassroots.

The Civil Rights Movement accomplished many great acts though. They helped get the Civil Rights Act of 1964 passed and the Voting Right Act of 1965 passed. The movement helped bring about social integration and many civil rights for blacks. It took down the “Whites Only” and “Coloreds Only” signs.

Despite this, before the Civil Rights Movement, certain segments of blacks were not that poor and owned several businesses. The black dollar circulated longer because there was no other choice. Segregation forced this. Many blacks just wanted better treatment under the law, and not just social integration for social integration’s sake. In the process of integration, the black dollar was integrated into white businesses. And this helped fuel the economy. America as a whole was still feeling the effects of the depression of the 1930s going into the 1960s and the effects of the bankruptcy of 1933. Integration created a bigger government and more jobs for whites and more tax dollars. Now that blacks can spend their money at white businesses, that’s more money for white businesses, and more jobs needed for whites to serve an extra group of people in the form of blacks.

The centuries long mind games played on blacks in convincing them of their inferiority and of whites’ superiority caused a Stockholm Syndrome attachment to thinking white-owned or white-endorsed is better than anything black-owned and black-endorsed. Even today if a black-owned business makes a minor mistake, you will hear some blacks say “This is why I don’t support black-owned businesses” meanwhile, they give several chances to the prestigious mainstream, white businesses. During the Civil Rights Movement, and as economic integration of the black dollar to the white community was achieved, several black businesses could not afford to pay black workers what white companies could and had to shut down as a result. But what’s sold to us in the history books is the positivity of social integration and not the negativity of black economic dilution.

I’m in no way saying we should go back to segregation. I’m simply saying that while the formerly state-sanctioned segregation has ended, there is still an element of informal, de facto, private-business and citizen-sanctioned separation in certain parts of this country, where small groups let their dollar circulate longer internally (Italians, Irish, Jews, and other groups like Hispanics, Arabs, and Koreans) while blacks allow the black dollar to leave our community and circulate externally to outside communities. And blacks should practice group economics just like they do, while allowing the black dollar to circulate internally longer. This should be of primary concern and then let the secondary concern be the “we are the world” stuff of social integration of blacks, whites and Hispanics and Asians, holding hands and skipping merrily through the lily fields into the sunset.

None of the Boule elite, black intelligentsia, academia, black leadership, or political analysts will preach group economics and a do-for-self mentality because their bosses and handlers won’t allow them. They will only blindly urge a Democratic vote for the latest puppet politician, and urge blacks to protest, march, cry, and pray for healing and forgiveness every time a black man is shot by the police. They will fight random one-off racial incidents- basically dealing with the symptom and not the underlying problem. If a white public figure makes a racially insensitive statement, they will call for that person to be fired and intellectually wack off to or about them about our dark past of slavery and Jim Crow racism. You can also see them debating conservatives, trying to convince them that racism still exists. They will still encourage dispersed and weakened assimilation into white strengthened economic unity. But they won’t talk about group economics.

Many current Boule or Links (the black female version of Boule) black leaders today choose cross group alliances with other groups based on gender, ethnic, religious, disabled, Spanish language, and sexual orientation. In the process, the black masses receive a trickle down effect after the benefits and resources are passed down and dispersed through those other groups. Meanwhile, those other groups have leaders and organizations in place that vouch strictly for their own interest to receive full political benefits and resources without helping blacks, there so-called fellow minority compadre. Most of these Boule and Links leaders do this for white approval and corporate dollars.

Social integration with all ethnic groups is all fine and dandy, and so are civil rights. But at one point, in the 1860s and after slavery, to be exact, economic justice for blacks was the foremost issue. But over time, and by the 1960s, social integration and civil rights was stressed by puppet black leadership more so than economic justice. Black leaders have always acted as racial diplomats and interpreted black issues and needs to their white bosses. And they always made sure they framed the problem and solution in a way that they serve the white agenda first, and benefit blacks by happenstance in a limited way, secondary.

The white elite always gets black leadership to push whatever degenerate philosophies, ways of thinking, and agendas onto the black masses. When all else fails, they’ll get Boule celebrities to push agendas. If they want the black youth or ratchet, low chakra black segment, they’ll get some corny ass rapper to endorse whatever nonsense they are pushing…. “It’s your boy Lil Mumble Rap or Young Pill Popper. Make sure you get (XYZ agenda they’re told to push). Ya heard. Don’t be a lame or goofy and not support this. Feel me.” They’ll make it seem like you’re not cool or hip if you don’t get down with the get down.

If they want the any age black crowd, the elites will get a black athlete to push their nonsense… “Hello.” (deep, monotone, detached voice with a deadpan expression) “My name is Such and Such and I play XYZ position for the New York, Philadelphia, Denver or whatever… It’s very important.. Very, very important that you do (XYZ agenda they’re told to push).”

If they want the mature, older or educated black crowd, they’ll get black leaders, political analysts, or professors…. “Greetings. It is with great dignity and honor that I state that I am enamored by my cognizance of the pivotal nature that we African-Americans attain (XYZ agenda they’re told to push).” Use them big ass words, speak with good diction and enunciation and announce yourself with your fancy title and position and that will add credibility to what you push in the minds of the older or educated blacks.

Or if the white elite want the any age crowd, get a comedian… “Now y’all know damn well…” (high pitched, comical and snarky tone while bucking eyes humorously) “(Well-timed punchline about how dumb you are for not supporting (XYZ agenda they’re told to push).” The comedians will try to ridicule you into supporting whatever agenda they’re told to push. Some people confuse humor with truth. A well-timed hysterical, punchline doesn’t always equate to truth and logic. Some people can articulate bullshit in a funny way.

The elites may even try to get a suave, debonair Hollywood black actor or male singer to push their agenda…. “Hello people.” (Suave, love-making, or just finished voice) “You know….(dramatic pause) I’ve been thinking. I think we should establish (XYZ agenda they’re told to push).” The hope is that that the black women who crush on him will support what the Boule celeb pushes just because they crush on him. Then they can drag their boyfriends, fiancées, and husbands to support the same nonsense while declaring, “I ain’t just agreeing with him cause I think he fine. I do like what he be saying though.”

The same thing might not work in reverse. If the elites get a black female bombshell actress, or sultry singer or model to push (XYZ agenda they’re told to push) in a soft sensuous voice while blowing a kiss, winking at the camera, and poking her ass out a little, the response from a black man will be different. The same applies to get any race of women to use their sexiness to sell agendas to any race of men. The man will ignore what the woman is saying and drool over and fantasize about her while either thinking or saying to whoever is in earshot, “Damn. She bad then a muthafucka,” or “She cold then a muthafucka” for my Midwest brothers. “I’d smash.” Then the secondary thought might come of “Oh. Let me look at the video again and actually listen to what she was saying.” Then they’ll go “Oh. I see. She’s trying to push that thing they was talking about in the news (XYZ agenda they’re told to push). Yeah whatever. That’s nice. Like I say, she bad as hell though. I’d hit.” You’ll at least get their eyes on the message even if their minds are elsewhere. You get the picture though.

Enjoy the dopamine release you get from watching the athlete get triple-doubles, score touchdowns, or knock people out. But take whatever agenda they push, or forced to push rather, outside of their talent sphere with a grain of salt. Revel in the endorphins released from the thigh-slapping, from the gut, laughter caused by the comedians. But take what they push outside of their talent realm with a grain of salt. Ooh and aah over the chronically weeded out and drunken rapper’s fire ass album or verse. But take whatever agenda they push, or their corporate handlers make them push with a grain of salt. Be entertained, not enlightened, but only entertained, over watching political pundits and black leaders have heated debates and eloquently articulate their cute little ideologies and opinions, while pretending they hate each other publicly, to make the masses actually hate each other and fallout over debates-turned actual hostile arguments about the same issue that they support or disagree with. But when they start pushing some nonsense, just take what they say with a grain of salt. Most black celebrities, or any celebrity period, are just high paid employees.

Black celebrities, and some other race celebs too, are allowed to say and support what they want, or disavow what they want, but only within certain boundaries. Whenever a controlled op celebrity says something outside of that boundary or that conflicts what I know the elites are trying to push, my first thought is “Uh oh. They’re in trouble.” And they’re in bad “trubba” and not good “trubba” as John Lewis would say. By “trubba” or trouble I mean, they will get bashed by the national media, have other celebrities sicked on them and publicly denounce them, made to go on an apology tour, have a scandal put on them, or just downright, blackballed from their industry displayed in the public media. That’s reality. It is what it is. Many don’t see this and take the media and celebrities at face value. But a lot of our third eyes are open. And a lot of us have real eyes that realize, real lies.


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