I see a lot of R. Kelly memes on social media ridiculing R. Kelly for his 30-year jail sentence. I didn’t see that same energy around the time of the arrest warrant of Emmett Till’s accuser. One second, I see a story of Emmett Till’s relatives calling on officials to arrest Carolyn Bryant Donham as an accessory to murder. The next second, I see “R. Kelly sentenced to 30 years” trending and the memes joking him. It almost seems like the higher ups know when to start a trend on social and mainstream media. “Oh shoot. Let’s bury this Emmett Till story with the R. Kelly sentence story.” “And let’s come up with funny memes ridiculing R. Kelly so they will share them.”

The family of Emmett Till wanted her charged as an accessory to murder. There should be jail memes ridiculing her as well. A false accusation of Emmett Till allegedly whistling at her is what lead to his unjust murder in the first place.

I’m not defending R. Kelly in any way. We already knew R. Kelly committed unrighteous acts of messing with underage girls.  And that should surely be condemned. I’m just curious about the timing of the stories being displayed around the time of Emmett Till’s accuser. And I’m curious about the jokey memes implying for us to have an intense hatred for R. Kelley- and only R. Kelly. And nobody else.

This brings me to my next point. There are people who control and, in some cases, simply, try to control how we think, and tell us what celebrity to hate, and what public figure to like based on whether they sell out or not, or whether they push their evil agenda. It’s obvious they want us to have an intense hatred for R. Kelly- and only R. Kelly. But what about the entire music industry. There’s been rumblings and minimally covered stories and public testimonies forever about how aspiring musicians must do something strange for some change to get put on- even if you’re underage. We’ve always heard about the pedophile rings of Hollywood and casting couches. R. Kelly didn’t invent the culture and the sick game. He was simply one sick participant in a bigger game. I need to see memes on the whole industry. Ridicule the entire sexually deviant culture of movie execs and music industry execs.

Does anyone remember early 2019? It was black icon sex scandal season in early 2019. The mainstream media started 2019 off with a six-part Lifetime documentary on R. Kelly that had women detailing sexual abuse allegations. Not just Lifetime, but the entire mainstream media and social media ran this story to the ground. And then HBO did a four-hour documentary on Michael Jackson called Leaving Neverland. This documentary focuses on two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck alleging they were sexually abused by Michael Jackson when they were kids.

There was way too many specifics and graphic details on the Michael Jackson story. I didn’t watch that bull-crap. I knew this just by hearing passing reports on the documentary as soon as I turned on the radio and as soon as I walked pass the television in the gym, barbershop and other public places with televisions while not actively looking for it. Once again, not just HBO, but the entire mainstream media obsessively reported on this story. The media made these stories inescapable to even the people who don’t watch agenda-driven media mental programming.

Wait. There’s more to this PSYOP mission on the public that the media likes to call objective news reporting. Then there was the overly publicized CBS “news” Gayle King interview with R. Kelly, or “Robert” as she calmly and condescendingly called out as he was yelling and crying into the camera. R. Kelly’s tear-laced tirade was caused by his profession of innocence. I could add the psychological operation hit-piece they did on Bill Cosby a few years earlier, but that’s separate to the rapid succession prior mentioned three-piece combo of the 2019 hit pieces.

As a side note, Michael Jackson was innocent. The media just needed to smear the image of a dead man, 10 years after his death. I even find the mainstream media’s smear campaign to Bill Cosby fishy. R. Kelly is actually guilty. There’s no denying that. I’m just curious why they don’t use the same ridiculing energy through memes and report on Catholic priest pedophiles, Hollyweird executive pedophiles, Harvey Weinstein, Elvis Presley, and many more.

I’m not really curious because I know why. You don’t have to be curious because you know why also. They want to put a Black face on sexual deviancy and ignore the non-Black gatekeepers of the deviancy. They also want to distract you from other trending stories or whatever other corruption is bubbling beneath the surface.

  1. Thanks for openin’ wider! That was ocean deep truths and factual. Keep informin’ please, I love your perspectives on the media.

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