What can we make of Cassie’s sexual assault lawsuit against music mogul, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs? I’ll just say this. The media loves to make the Black celebrity icon the face of sexual assault or any type of degenerate behavior and they never focus on the deep-rooted, White-owned industry and culture that enables, encourages, and even teaches the degenerate behavior.

I see the memes on social media floating around with photos of Sean “Diddy” Combs alongside R. Kelly. They say stuff like “Surviving Diddy” in reference to R. Kelly’s unnecessarily hyped documentary called Surviving R. Kelly in 2019. Many memes have photos of Diddy and R. Kelly in jail performing as a would-be attempt at humor.

When podcasts and radio shows ask people to comment their opinion on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ lawsuit, people muse in Diddy bringing new meaning to his catch phrase, “take that, take that.”

If Diddy is guilty of the charges, he should be ridiculed, condemned, and ostracized from righteous, regular, non-degenerate people.  But the brunt of the ridicule and condemnation should still go to the industry owners and movers and shakers who gave Diddy a safe haven to allegedly engage in degenerate behavior.

Record execs and power brokers should be made famous- or infamously famous and well-known for their casting couch culture and sexually degenerate behavior that Diddy is being accused of. There should be memes and jokes about them as well. Stories of White owners in the music and movie business should dominate the headlines.

I get it. The name P. Diddy may grab more attention from years of him “dancing all in the videos” as a famous and Black music mogul then some unknown, wealthy, hidden-hand White boss of Diddy.

The name R. Kelly may grab more attention, considering his fame as a music savant. Some fat, old,  wealthy white dude that signs him or owns the label that owns other artists’ labels may not get as much attention.

The same thing applies to Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson (Even though Michael Jackson is innocent and Cosby may be innocent and falsely accused as well) and any other celebrity that the media tries to falsely smear and project their corrupt tendencies on or truthfully smear while hiding their own dirt.

John Doe, the creepy pedo who owns a record label, or Joe Snuffy, the weird creep, rapist in charge of movie casting, should be made famous and put on front street for dangling fame and fortune to talented and passionate dreamers in exchange for doing something strange for some change- and fame.

If you insist on using a celebrity’s name in this click baity, social media culture, just say P. Diddy’s boss, John Doe, or R. Kelly’s boss, mentor, or mentor’s mentor, Joe Snuffy. The celebrities are simply the talented, creative, artsy subordinate and figure head,  fall guy. They’re the puppets. I want to see the savvy, shrewd, business-minded boss who throws the celebrity figure-head to the public wolves and under the bus. They’re the puppeteers.

After denouncing the bosses, who just so happen to be Caucasian, then we should go after the Black icons for refusing to take a detour after seeing the weird exchange for some change and then passing the same behavior down to others.




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