Prayers to everyone involved. If you were driving on the bridge, prayers up. I’m also sending prayers to family members of missing people who were driving on the bridge, or any possible casualties drivers.

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ll know at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday a cargo container ship crashed into the Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge. Two people were rescued from the Patapsco River and at least six people are still missing.

Thank God they rescued the two and I pray the other six are found. According to, the ship experienced a temporary loss of propulsion right before the crash. According to the Coast Guard, the six that are missing are presumed dead, even though they are still searching for them.

I know we talk about a lot of social issues that would be considered controversial, even though I don’t consider them controversial- only truthful. Only lies and propaganda are controversial to me.

But when a tragedy strikes, there is no controversial stance or opinion to take. We just have to pray for the people involved.

The whole point of this blog is to criticize racism, classism, elite corruption, and basically systemic bullying, unfairness of any kind, and overall, just plain ol’ making people feel uncomfortable. And all those things make people- or the victims of those situations feel uncomfortable. The benefactors and dishers of these feel either great or indifferent.

But what could be more uncomfortable than seeing tragedies and deaths caused by accidents. It would be easy and cliché for me to criticize the ship company and the drivers. And they should be. I’m pretty sure they will issue some public apology for their technical failures of the cargo ship and the distance to the bridge that caused the loss of lives. But there can never be a good enough apology for a technical mistake causing people to die. But instead of criticizing the company, I’ll focus on giving condolences to the victims and family of the victims.

Stay in touch family, I have plenty more content coming.


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