Diddy had his house raided. It’s all over “the news,” or more less, the mainstream media. It’s even all over social media. Mainstream media seems to leak their way on to social media more and more these days. I guess they’re starting to understand that the general public isn’t stupid. We recognize the agendas they push, and the timing of when they decide to put stories out. Social media is where some of the general public convenes and hangs out at.

Mainstream news, as in good ol’ television, mainstream magazines, newspapers, and radio have always been designed to convince us, as in the general public, to think a certain way, accept certain narratives and lies as truth, to evoke certain emotions out of the public- mainly fear, anger, disgust and division- to like this or that group, celebrity, or public figure, or to hate this or that group, celebrity, or public figure.

Hell, they even tell us when we should like someone and when to stop liking and start loathing someone. They tell us what ideologies to accept, and what to reject. Well ok, they give you a few narrow choices to pick from so they can put their puppet actors on TV to engage in hostile debates. This in turn, will make many viewers at home have hostile arguments in the place of debates. Basically, the news is not designed to “tell you what’s going on in the world,” as many love to say.

Sometimes I speculate that social media was created so the elites who try to control how we think and what we think about, can actually see how we think and if we are buying into the bullshit they sell us in the distant world of mainstream media. I say this because I know they see forums where people discuss and dissect their B.S. agendas and lies. They also see content creators on YouTube, Patreon, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Google websites that offer their opinions that don’t fit into the well-crafted lie, distortion, and perspective that they make their puppet news anchors and mainstream celebrities sell us. They just call us conspiracy theorists and act dismissive towards us. But now the scumbags are trying to make their way here.

And thousands of followers and subscribers who comment on content creators’ pages usually agree with the content creators’ observations of the phony narratives and agendas being pushed by the lying-ass media.

Before, we would say the same things in private living room, barbershop and water cooler conversations. It’s still in those places, it’s just on social media also.

What many people are saying, that “the news” won’t say, is that P.Diddy, the face of Ciroc Vodka brand, filed a lawsuit against the British beverage company who co-owns his liquor brands alleging racism. In the lawsuit, Diddy claims the spirits giant, Diageo limited his Ciroc and DeLeon labels sales growth for over a decade by not offering resources for sales growth.

Diddy claimed Diageo treated his DeLeon brand as inferior “Black brands” and “ethnic brands” that should be marketed to “urban” consumers. In the lawsuit, Diddy claims Diageo North America Inc. has “proven unwilling to treat its Black brands equally.”

All of this was reported in a Los Angeles Times article dated June 1, 2023, titled “’Illusion of inclusion’: Diddy sues company behind his liquor brands for discrimination.”

By the fall of 2023, the mainstream and social media started flooding us with “Diddy is a sexual predator” stories, left and right.

And guess what happened by January 16, 2024 and January 19, 2024. An article by Variety is titled as follows: “Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and Diageo Resolve Legal Dispute. The date was January 16, 2024.

Fox Business put out an article on January 19, 2024 titled “Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs drops lawsuit against Ciroc vodka parent company after accusing them of racism.” I guess Diddy doesn’t wsnt any smoke with Diageo parent company of Ciroc now that they’re airing his alleged dirty laundry as blackmail to keep him from suing them.

It sounds like Ciroc’s corporate boss, as is many big corporations, are in cahoots with the media, and Diddy was the powerless figurehead.

I’m not defending Diddy. But if  Ciroc’s parent company Diageo knew of these alleged misdeeds of sexual predatory behaviors before Diddy tried to sue them, then why act appalled and tell the media to smear his name after he tries to sue you?

The media and Diageo probably knew about Diddy’s inclinations, if in fact he did them, before he tried to sue them.

So that’s why it’s open season on Diddy. I get it now. These memes and stories need to stop just and mainly saying “Diddy is a sexual predator.” They need to say “Diageo and a British spirit company tries to blackmail and extort Black celebrity icon by keeping his sexual deeds quiet as long as they can low-ball his liquor company in comparison to White companies.” If Diddy’s guilty, then so are the parent company of his brand and their corporate media partners who tell you when to like or hate someone based on self-serving and racially competitive motives.

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