There was a lot of talk about this solar eclipse going on. The fear-mongering was widespread on mainstream media. There was also a lot of excitement in anticipation on mainstream media. Social media and the mainstream media hyped this up a lot.

I’ve seen articles on how the solar eclipse will affect animals, how it will affect people, and a renewed interest in astronomy and science by a lot of people.

Many mystics, mediums and spiritualists talk a lot about the collective and individual vibration of humanity. Some debate whether you should do a spiritual ritual or relax, chill and enjoy the moment. Others debate and discuss whether you should look at the solar eclipse or whether you need to be outside in the sun during the eclipse.

Regardless of what you think, nothing could hurt you to use this solar eclipse time to improve yourself in all areas of your life.

It’s good to make individual advancements in finance and careers. Keep on trying to gain social mobility, become a top performer at your chosen career fields, or complete that project or idea you’ve been working on. Or take a much needed break if you feel you need one. Some people work themselves too hard.

Or keep working on your fitness goal to lose weight, gain weight, get your body toned up, or to stop eating sweets or fried foods if that’s your life’s struggle or theme.

Do all of that, if you can. Drink more water, stretch more, get more sunlight, ground your bare feet in the grass. Be kinder and more patient with other people. You just never know what they’re going through.

Learn more about a new subject. Grow, learn, and evolve past your known flaws. Work on your issues with procrastination, excess worry, and anger management. Come on. You can do it. I’m just joking. But seriously, you can do it.

I hope this eclipse causes people to be more kind to each other, make people more optimistic, and less worry-prone.

I’m hopeful that this eclipse means a fall of the corrupt part of many elite power structures, as several mystics have predicted. Now we have to build new, unified, less corrupt power structures to replace the old. We already see the music industry crashing as they try to make P. Diddy the fall guy and face of the corruption. This is the time to create new music labels with more positive music and without a casting couch, blackmail, intimidation, and ripping artists off. New labels and a new music industry would replace the ones that are falling. And we can push only, positive and uplifting music while still keeping it highly entertaining.

It looks like Hollywood and the movie and television industry is falling also. We see the writers strike happen a few years ago. Now we need to create our own movie and TV channels to create our own movies and shows and paint a better picture of our culture. They love to use entertainment to ridicule Black people.

And it’s very important to create our own media of print, digital, and  radio podcasts. Then we can debunk the propaganda the news media puts out and present real news with out agendas and from our perspective.

We need a new everything- land, real estate, schools, hospitals, farmers’ market, and group economics and business and community unity to leverage local politics in our favor. When I say we, I mean Black people, but I also mean working class and poor people of all races and ethnicities. I’m also talking to righteous people of all races, ethnicities, and economic social classes.

Let’s use this solar eclipse to improve ourselves individually and collectively. Stay tuned. I have much more content coming in the future, for the free content and the premium content.

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