Oh boy. I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding O.J. Simpson’s name and image. I was reading the comments on some meme and many Black people were sending condolences to O.J.’s family and saying “RIP Juice,” “Rise In Power O.J.” and stuff of that nature. Then I started seeing comments from a few White people saying stuff like, “What’s the matter with you people?!” and “So what if he died. O.J. was a murderer!”

I thought the back and forth was funny actually. Once I saw headlines on social media that O.J. Simpson passed, my first thought was to see how many Whites would be celebrating and how many Black people will be RIP’ing him. I also wanted to see how many Whites would be castigating Blacks for RIP’ing O.J. Simpson and sending condolences to his family.

I honestly don’t want to write a dazzling and cheesy soliloquy on race relations and what the trial and symbolism of it meant for race relations in America. That’s been done a thousand times already by many writers and political pundits since 1995, when the trial ended. Plus, I’ve been tired of hearing about this O.J. Simpson fiasco anyway.

In the late mid 2010s, I remember the mainstream news doing a resurgence in coverage on Orenthal James Simpson again. I started wondering why they were bringing this O.J. stuff back up. At the end of the broadcast, one news anchor asked the other anchor why the American public was so fascinated with the O.J. trial. After hearing that, I remember thinking, “Nobody gives a damn about the O.J. trial.” I also remember thinking about how hardly anyone discusses this O.J. shit anymore. It was the media shoving it in our faces and saying this is what we want to hear.

I don’t know what the agenda was behind that resurgence in O.J. coverage. But I knew the retarded ass media was up to something.

But anyway. Watching the color contrast between White people having utter contempt for O.J. and Black people feeling indifference towards O.J. or outright support for him is funny.

Maybe some other time, I’ll give a deep, eloquent, and thoughtful opinion on the nonsense that is the O.J. trial. But for right now, I’m just trying to keep the engagement up with this filler content.

But stay up guys. I have plenty more content coming.


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