Mass school or public shootings and serial killing is their brand. Usually when I hear a story of a man snapping and killing his wife, four kids, the cat, the dog, and the gerbil, and then setting the entire house on fire, I automatically know it’s a White man. Just watch Cold Case Files or Forensic Files. But just as with Blacks, the overwhelming majority of Whites are law abiding citizens – as the media is well aware of, and implies. It would be just as wrong for the media to demonize all Whites because of the lower percentage of White murderers to justify potential cop-on-White murders.

Murder in America

When you look at America’s total murder rate from Black, White, and other ethnicities, it’s substantially higher than some other countries like Monaco, Singapore, Japan, and Norway. They have the lowest homicide rates. You don’t have gang bangers doing drive by shootings, and weird suburban kids doing mass public shootings and serial killings. God forbid we have another terrorist attack on our home soil like 9/11. If we do, I expect people to say we can’t get mad at the Taliban because we kill each other. Our murder rate is high, or relatively high when compared to the prior mentioned countries, so only those countries can get mad if they were attacked.

Most so-called patriotic Americans will justifiably call you unpatriotic and a traitor to your country for saying that. They’ll say they’re aware of our problems, but it still doesn’t justify outsiders coming here and harming us. That’s exactly what Blacks say about cops and Black-on-Black crime. The only difference is we’ll call Blacks who believe the contrary a sellout or Uncle Tom in place of unpatriotic and traitor. But it’s essentially the same thing. And we’ll call Whites unconsciously racist for believing this double standard. Some Whites and hired Black bootlickers are conscious of it. They know better but choose not to say better so they can mislead the automatons.

Building Anger Toward Police

Liberal pundits made the good points of Blacks becoming angrier at cops because they are acquitted of murdering Blacks, while Blacks who kill Blacks are usually convicted. No need to belabor that point. Also, it’s a lie and propaganda to say Blacks aren’t concerned or doing anything about Black-on-Black crime.

Blacks are doing something about Black-on-Black crime. There have been several instances of Black community leaders, business leaders, and neighborhood big homies talking to youth about unifying and staying off the streets after a rash of murders. The tone is different, however. It’s an encouraging tone when talking to Blacks to end Black-on-Black crime, and an outraged tone when talking to cops to end cop-on-Black crime. The intent is the same, only the tone is different. So what difference does the tone make if the intent is the same?

Are We Killing Each Other?

In late 1995, the Million Man March took place in Washington D.C. where several Black keynote speakers encouraged a million young Black men to stop killing each other. In 1997, Minister Farrakan sat down with rappers after the murders of Biggie and Tupac. He encouraged them to steer clear of on-wax beefs that could lead to murders. It almost sounded like Farrakhan and Million Man March speakers were all trying to curtail – you guessed it – Black-on-Black crime.

Around the same time in 1997, a Black man named Abner Louima was severely beaten by cops in NY. In 1999, a Black man named Amadou Diallo was shot 41 times by cops in NY. The outrage to both cop assaults by Blacks were tame compared to what’s seen now. Yet Black leaders then were stuck on – you guessed it again – Black-on-Black crime; more so than cop-on-Black crime.

But I know why racist pundits didn’t make the reverse outraged argument of why Black leaders are putting too much emphasis on ending Black-on-Black crime and not enough on fighting sporadic police-on-Black beatings and shootings. It’s because they didn’t care then and they don’t care now. When they make the current “What about Black-on-Black crime?” argument, it’s not done out of a sincere concern for Blacks, it’s simply a diversionary tactic to take the heat off crooked and racist cops who kill Blacks. Otherwise they would have argued the opposite in the mid-to-late 90s when there was more emphasis on Black-on-Black, and less on cop-on-Black crimes.

Three Types of Mind

There are three types of minds of all groups of people. There are the intuitively conscious, the logical intellectuals, and then the mindless automatons. Automatons don’t have a mind of their own and are way more susceptible to being brainwashed into believing propaganda talking points. They take on the beliefs of others in group thought, media, pop culture, and education without critically thinking.

To the conscious and intellectuals, please share this article and or make these same points to your beloved idiotic friends and family in private conversations. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sell drugs and shoot some Black people – not! Stupid! I’m going to work my 9 to 5, like most of us Blacks do.

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