The last I checked, it was 2024. That means it’s election season. I’ve been waiting for the media to pick and choose a racial incident to get us to vote. CNN and MSNBC usually picks this time to cover one of us Black people facing discrimination and covering it extensively as promotion for us to vote Democrat again. I’ve been waiting. Where y’all at? Hurry up mainstream media. November is right around the corner. Where’s the next brother to hashtag after a police brutality death?

I send sympathy, empathy, and condolences for any Black person that endured death, brutality and racism at the hands of the police. They should be duly compensated, not just monetarily, but with justice of seeing racists receive punishment.

I just think it’s sad that the media always picks election time or close to an election year to cover racial suffering with the obvious intention to get us to vote again. They never offer solutions and when election season is over, they stop covering racism. They also get their puppet celebrities, Black intelligentsia, and psyop news anchors, political pundits, and political auditioners to feign selective outrage at the right election time so we can mirror their emotions of outrage- and well, go vote again. I’m pretty sure some of the puppets on television were outraged when they saw racial incidents happen at non-election times. I wouldn’t be surprised if many puppets on TV with sincere hearts asked their corporate media bosses, behind the scenes, to cover a racist incident they heard about and felt strongly about. And their bosses dismissively said “No. Let’s wait to election season, when it’s convenient and we need their Black asses to vote for us again.”

Then when the politician is elected, they act like Black people don’t exist and pass weird legislation like allowing people to pick their gender and use whatever bathroom they want, look out for other so-called aggrieved groups that they didn’t condescendingly pander to like LGBT, “minorities,” women, transsexuals, and whatever other group identifier they can think of.

Conservatives. What up baby! Where y’all at? What up, FOX News. I ain’t forgot about y’all either. This is the time you guys dog-whistle to other racists by purposely disrespecting the Black victim of racism. This will get that portion of bigots to vote for the BOP- bad old party. Or I think it’s called GOP for good old party. I don’t know. Who really gives a damn. But, either way, conservatives and liberals work together. Republicans and Democrats are two horns on the same devil, playing divisive mind games on the public to get us to vote. None of the political parties or politicians are in complete control. The wealthy oligarchs are.

I love how liberals and conservatives pretend they are not allies. But anyway. I’m surprised there was no racially charged incident that was shoved in our faces. I don’t mind if it’s shoved in our face with a serious intent to completely end any form of systematic discrimination or racial favoritism. But it’s not. It’s a psyop test to see if we still argue over whether racism exists and to get use to vote. Fear is a common strategy used to sell to people. And politicians sell us fear, division, and false solutions.

I think those scumbags in power see we’re on to them. They’re probably cooking up a new strategy and realizing even the most dead thinking negro, and ignorant hick is having buyers fatigue at their usual shenanigans.

Before this election season is over, I at least expect Jim Crow Joe Biden to bring Popeye’s chicken to a Black function and make a cringey attempt to misuse Black slang to appear “down with the brothers and sisters.” Sometimes you just have to laugh at society’s fuckery.







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