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In 2016, it was Killary Clinton, and this cycle, we had Marrianne Williamson, Colonel Sanders – or my bad – Bernie Sanders (they both look alike), Corney Booker, Kamel-Toe Harris, and Jim Crow Joe Biden’s creepy ass, among others. And they tried to insult Black people’s intelligence again by whispering sweet nothings in our collective ears, just as the Democratic party does every election cycle.

Political Sweet Nothings

Politicians will whisper sweet nothings by promising what they’ll do for Blacks when they get in office, even though they rarely ever do it. They will also use a race-based controversy or triumph to work our emotions to get us to the polls.

At least the Republican party tells you, or gives you the impression, that they aren’t going to do anything for you. I’m not giving them props. I’m simply stating that there needs to be a healthy level of cynical distrust and indifference for both parties. And there needs to be a complete lack of fawning praise for either party’s puppet candidate – regardless of how agreeable, charismatic, and dignified they appear on TV, as Democrats often are. And Black people need to demand the promises made by any given politician of either party. Otherwise, stop supporting them.

These Democratic clowns know all they have to do is make their rounds on Black media or younger demographic hip-hop media. If they use some trendy urban slang in a tongue-and-cheek manner, do a trendy dance, or just condescendingly try to appeal to Black culture in a corny, cringy, and awkward way, our silly asses will vote for them. We’ll think, “Senator, or Mayor such-and-such is cool. And he vibes with us Blacks. I’m voting for him or her.” Or Blacks will say some stupid shit like, “They’re invited to the cookout.”

Mistaken Appeal

Bill Clinton played the trumpet on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1992, and Hillary Clinton two-stepped with Roland Martin in 2016. And sandwiched between both is the almighty Barack Obama. Just being Black, having a beautiful family, a smooth walk and regal air was enough for Black people to gush over him. Usually when these cool, smooth Democrats are elected, Blacks don’t collectively demand anything. We’re – well, a lot of y’all really – are just happy having the personality you guys like in office. All they have to do is look cool. Many of us will spend their whole 4-8 year presidential term gushing about how smooth, cool, and classy they are.

And the Republican candidate you hate doesn’t have to do anything to make your life noticeably worse. All they have to do is remain indifferent to Blacks, never acknowledge Blacks, and look goofy and less friendly. Many of us will spend their whole 4-8 year presidential term pouting about how much we hate him, how racist they are, and how goofy, dumb, and unsophisticated they are or appear. Many of us think gushing over the cool, suave Democrat with the warm, inviting, and friendly smile and talking junk about the goofy Republican without unified demanding of benefits, is the height of being politically aware and astute.


I’ve noticed that most Democratic candidates are either younger, or have a more youthful appearance than Republicans. They usually appear or actually are more charismatic, genial, and charming than Republicans. Republicans usually are older, more out of touch with the youth, rather goofy looking, funny-looking, have a stern, cold air about them, and they’re corny – cornier – really. Subconsciously, this is why y’all vote for Democrats and against Republicans. This is proof that we vote off emotions and not logic, and vote for personality and not for policy as it relates to the Black agenda. Bill Clinton and Obama had friendly and charming smiles.

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