Greetings, my non-fellow Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, left-wingers, and right-wingers. I know many of you take politicians seriously. The only problem is that politicians don’t take you seriously. Both mainstream parties finesse their base for votes, then squat on them once they are elected. They also pit race, class, and now vaccine supporters, and vaccine skeptics against each other. Meanwhile, they attain power and money, while we, well a lot of y’all really, argue over which political daddy or mommy is better.

I’ve stated in previous blogs how Democrats use black sensitivity to racial discrimination to attain black votes. And they also condescendingly pander to black culture to appear relatable. The Democratic politician will publicly condemn the shooting of an unarmed black person by a white officer. The mainly liberal media will cover the trial incident to garner and play on black outrage. The media usually waits until the election nears to cover police-on-black shootings. Left-wing candidates will also invite the grieving family of the victim to their political conventions as a phony gesture of support for blacks and phantom fight against racism. A left-wing candidate will also publicly denounce any racist act against blacks as a show of support. Black people will eat that up and vote for that politician as a result and continue to think Democrats are for the black people and all aggrieved minorities. And we, we as in a lot of y’all, unconsciously think some genial Democrat will one day end all racial discrimination and eventually bring a sociopolitical paradise to us.

Democrats also grant tokens of affection. They’ll name a street after Dr. King or Malcolm X in a black neighborhood and then look the other way when drugs are flooded into the neighborhood. Democratic ex-president, Bill Clinton publicly apologized to blacks for slavery in the 1990s and apologized for and condemned the Tuskegee experiment where blacks were injected with syphilis and then refused to treat their symptoms. But no reparations were talked about for slavery. Just a symbolic token and that’s it.

Joe Biden signed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act into law on June 17, 2021, which grants Juneteenth as a national holiday. Juneteenth commemorates the freedom of black slaves in Texas, which was the last Confederate state of institutional slavery. That’s another symbolic token of affection. Biden won’t push for reparations for that slavery though. He also won’t sign an executive order to punish cops who unjustifiably shoot unarmed black people- only executive orders for non-systemic, one-off attacks on Asians. He also won’t push to end all forms of systemic racism against blacks. Just a symbolic token and that’s it.

And of course, they will pander to our culture. Bill Clinton will play the trumpet on the Arsenio Hall Show to garner black support. Hillary Clinton will two-step with Roland Martin and talk about her supposed stereotypically black habit of carrying hot sauce in her purse. And we, ahem, a lot of y’all, eat that up and vote for them. Then liberals ignore you once they are in office.

But on the flip side, conservatives, right-wingers, and Republicans do the same thing to lower-class white racists. They pander to the group of racist whites’ racism and sensitivity to blacks wanting justice, equality, and an equal playing field. The conservative candidate will ignore any racist incident that happens to black people as a telepathic wink to white bigots who love to see blacks face racism. The conservative media will denounce the black victim of police brutality and praise the crooked cop. The same media will also serve as a cheerleader for the conservative politician or candidate who ignored the racial incident towards blacks. This is the conservative media’s telepathic wink at the white bigoted base that they, as in the media, are on the same page as the Republican candidate of ignoring black grievances.

This gives some poor, white bigot, working-class, or even middle-class white bigot hope that their Republican candidate will bring back blatant discrimination and consistently overt brutality to blacks like the olden days. Once the Republican politician gets in office, they only look out for wealthy people, businesses, and corporations. And the masses of whites are still in the same boat. The conservative politician doesn’t do anything significantly worse to blacks. They simply squat on all lower-class people. Many conservatives convince poor and working-class whites that they have more in common with wealthy people than with other races of poor and working-class people. Conservatives also convince them that blacks, minorities as a whole, and immigrants as a whole are their problems. So, the lower-class racists vote Republican. Then the Republicans condense more wealth at the corporate top and leave them in the same paycheck-to paycheck place as other races.

Ex-president, Donald Trump was more direct and blatant in his dog-whistling to white bigots than other conservatives during his elections and term as president. Just his slogan “Make America Great Again” sounded like a code phrase to racist whites that it will be open season on racial disrespect to blacks. America was never great racially. The cut and dry history of racial America was slavery first, and then the blatant racist era of Jim Crow, where lynchings and violence towards blacks were legalized and even encouraged- by law enforcement, public officials, politicians, and white civilians. And self-defense by blacks, as Malcolm X preached was considered radical and controversial. And whites calling blacks racial epithets were the norm.

The peaceful marching of the Civil Rights Movement that eventually transformed into the rioting and self-defense groups of the late 1960s, put the fire in the higher-ups to end some forms of blatant racism towards blacks and make other forms more covert. And the Civil Rights Movement and other higher-up corruption made more whites see blacks in a favorable light than before. But some of them racist sumbitches just had to hide their true feelings to fit in with the new popular opinion of mainstream thought and newfound combative intolerance by blacks. Later birthed generations of closet racists had to keep their true feelings hidden as well. And it’s been a hidden code in the post-Jim Crow era that if a white person calls a black person a racial epithet, it’s understandable if the black person assaults them. In a non-race related hostile exchange between a black and white, or black and any other race, for that matter, you can call the black person a punk, pussy, asshole, as the black person can call you the same thing, or any non-race related insult- but not the “N” word or other racial slurs. Definite no no. The idea is that this is what the bigots called us “back in the days” of the Jim Crow era. And it’s not back in the days no more. That’s been the telepathic racial code for years past the Jim Crow era.

But Donnie Trump had some of those socially repressed, closet racists gassed up with confidence to become unrepressed. There were several videos during his campaign and during his term as president on social media timelines of some whites boldly calling a black person a nigger and getting beat up and or knocked out. Donald Trump, the GOP, and conservative analysts were nowhere to be seen to help them. But Republicans sure do build racist confidence in those lower economic class bigots, finesse them for votes and then squat on them and condense more wealth at the top for a selected few.

There were plenty of memes floating around social media, stating stuff like, “Don’t let Donald Trump get you hurt,” and “We are not our ancestors,” as a warning to the newly bolder racists. I’ve even heard anecdotal stories from black people I know personally of some whites being bolder in their racism and calling them or some other black a racial epithet while Trump was elected, before being assaulted and simultaneously cursed out and return insulted. Unfortunately, white bigots don’t have secret service protecting them the way Trump or any president does. The conservative analysts and media also have protection in their well-to-do neighborhoods. Lower-class bigots don’t. But the conservative elite finessed the racist confidence in them and still got their vote. They want the lower-class bigot vote- not the lower-class bigot. Just like Democrats want the black vote- not the black people.

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