democrats and Black liberal pundits

I also make references to liberal pundits – both kind of nigra loving-white, and almost woke knee-grow – being correct in their television debates against these conservatives that yes, racism does exist. Many of these controlled opposition-liberal pundits make sound and logical arguments against conservative propaganda, despite failing to mention previous points I stated in previous blogs.

Be that as it may, I’m still not that impressed with liberal pundits or the Democratic party. Mainstream thinking Blacks believe Michael Eric Dyson, Marc Lamont Hill, Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, Roland Martin, and Van Jones’ crying asses are the height of being pro-Black and sociopolitical awareness. Mainstream thinking Blacks also believe liberal celebrities who make cliché public statements criticizing racism is the height of pro-Blackness and sociopolitical awareness. These liberal pundits and celebs say the right things and make eloquent points as they debate conservative pundits or devils’ advocate journalists (pun intended- advocates for racist devils) for conservatives. And mainstream leaning Blacks cheer them on as if it’s a boxing fight saying “He really told those Republicans off.”

The Liberal-Conservative Circus

I must admit this. I am thoroughly entertained watching fast-talking liberals talk circles around conservatives. And likewise for some of the conservatives as well. Some of those conservatives make valid points in this political entertainment on CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC. When I hear Michael Eric Dyson make profound points with his fast talking delivery using big words in rapid succession, I find myself saying “Damn. That was eloquently stated.” I have said the same thing listening to Roland Martin, Marc Lamont Hill, and many others. It’s very entertaining watching TV debates and seeing them talk over each other, make snarky remarks, and oftentimes, even scream at each other. All this occurs while the moderator tries to quell the shouting and interrupting.

The key word here is entertained – not enlightened or empowered. Watching liberal pundits try to convince possum-playing conservatives that racism still exists is not enlightening and empowering. I’m half entertained, and half annoyed watching this national farce. I find myself talking to the liberals through the TV saying “Give it up. Stop trying to convince them. They’re (conservatives) too stupid to get it.” Or, “They’re just playing possum and pretending ignorance to your legit point – and my previous legit points that you didn’t make.”

Ultimately, even if Black and white liberal pundits convince conservatives that racism still exists or coax them into admitting verbally what they already knew mentally, what is the end game? My point exactly. Not a got-damn thing. It does nothing but provide political theatre for the public and force whites, Blacks, racists, and nigra-lovers to rep their sociopolitical set through argumentative and divisive comments on social media, and brainwash the rest in their private living room convos to rep their set.

Is There a Conversation on Race?

Black liberals’ only solution after a pointless “conversation on race” with possum-playing conservative pundits is to urge Blacks to vote for the latest Democratic, elite-selected, puppet politician. That’s why you saw Roland Martin two-stepping with Hillary Clinton during her 2016 campaign, and saw Van Jones crying (bruh bruh needs to seriously man-up) after Donald Trumps’ nacho Doritos faced ass defeated her in 2016, and crying tears of joy after Trump lost to Biden in 2020. Most liberal celebrities usually publicly endorse the latest Democratic puppet in a political run.

I conclude from all of this that the liberal pundits are mere Boule puppets and pawns for the Democratic party. They are advisors to the king who say enough to make you think you have someone standing for issues that you face. But they never quite do anything from a grassroots level. At the end of their debates, in follow up interviews, their sentiments are, “This is why we need to vote for Biden, Hillary, Obama, Kerry…” or whoever the latest Democrat star is who pretends to like us nigra people.

I say pretend for a reason. I found something eerily manipulative about Hillary Clinton’s Democratic convention in the fall of 2016. She had a group of mothers of the liberal media-publicized slain Black victims of police brutality attending the rally. This was her way of saying “Look nigra people, I’m for the Blacks. I let the mommas of slain Black boys get front row seats to my rival circus show to the Republicans. Now vote for me.” After she lost to Donnie Trump, we haven’t heard from her ass since.

One good point conservative pundits make about the Democratic party is how in the mid 1960s President Lyndon B. Johnson introduced welfare to poor Black families under the condition that the Black father kick rocks. This caused the destruction of Black families in the inner cities. According to historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, Democratic-President Johnson once privately complained about the “problem” of Black people becoming “uppity” as he put it, as well as having the political pull to back up their “uppityness.” He then stated “Now we’ve got to give them something, just enough to quiet them (mainly civil rights marchers in the south, and mainly rioters in the north) down, not enough to make a difference.”

The Motives of Modern Presidents

In Ronald Kessler’s book Inside the White House: The Hidden Lives of Modern Presidents, President Johnson was also privately quoted as saying this about the outcome of passing the Civil Rights bill of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965. “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” Today’s liberal pundits and mainstream Black intelligentsia are the lead “niggers” that tell the asses, I mean masses, of “niggers” to blindly vote Democrat every year as the end all, be all, with no additional solutions.

Despite this, these silly conservative pundits never tell you that grassroots Black groups were dismantled under COINTELPRO under their Republican-Nixon administration in the 1970s, and the introduction of crack cocaine in the small percentage Black community in the 1980s under the other two Republican-Reagan and Bush administrations. And… I’m surprised they haven’t mentioned how under their rival Democratic Clinton administration in the 1990s, all the Black criminals who were socially engineered through welfare-caused destruction of Black families in the 60s, COINTELPRO-caused destruction of grassroots-self-help leadership in the 70s, and crack cocaine distribution to the inner cities in the 80s, were all hauled off to jail in large numbers. It looks to me like Democrats and Republicans are two separate horns on the same devil working together.

I’m not saying don’t vote. Just don’t look at your Democratic daddies and liberal media mommies as the height of enlightenment and as the end all, be all. That’s asking for help within the corrupt system. The traditionally white Democratic party thinks condescendingly of Blacks and only view us as their little rescue dogs and as a unified charity case so they can string us along to help them stay in power. I see liberal pundits begging for a conversation on race as asking for a sympathetic hug. “Please believe me Mr. conservative white man and Sambo Black man that racism is real! Boo hoo.” This never-ending, circular “debate” is starting to sound like a call for sympathy and consolation. We don’t need more conversations. Just voting Democrat is not going to bring an economic and social utopia to Black people. Nor is it going to stave off the evil Republicans from bringing slavery and a social and economic hell to Black people.

Finding Enlightenment and Empowerment

The height of enlightenment and empowerment lies in the underground conscious community – the Minister Louis Farrakhans, Dr. Umar Johnsons, Boyce Watkins, and Claud Anderson’s of the world. They, as well as Tariq Nasheed and The Black Authority, resonate with my line of thinking and not the Black Boule, Democratic employees and liberal salesmen that can be seen on CNN and MSNBC. They offer grassroots solutions for sociopolitical, cultural, and economic issues outside of just debating conservatives and blindly voting Democrat as the end all, be all.

Here are the differences between the mainstream Black liberals and the underground conscious community. Mainstream liberals are talking to mainstream white America about their problems that many of them could give two craps about. That’s why they’re on mainstream TV. Their tone is usually whiny, angry, and problem-oriented, and their main and only point in conversations on race is that racism exists. The conscious community is talking to Black America. That’s why they aren’t on mainstream TV and can mainly be seen on YouTube videos, DVDs, and on street corners in Harlem and at Black audience rallies mainly there and in Atlanta. Their tone is empowering and solution-oriented and their main point is not that racism exists. That’s usually a matter-of-fact side-note and sub-point to a broader point. When talking to Blacks, you already know they know racism exists. That’s a given. Their main, broader point is how to fix and fight the issues and how to do for self outside the system and outside of blindly voting Democrat every year, and outside of meaningless, circular debates about your feelings about racism. Men and women discuss solutions. Only boys and girls whine about the problem.

Democrats, liberal media, and pundits are parents who hold the hand of and parade their charity-case bullied Black child around to the cool kid bully of systematic racism and conservatism. All the while asking, “Why don’t you like or play with this little darkie child of mine?” The conscious community is the cooler kid who says “I don’t mess with your lame self either,” and builds his own power base of cool kids.

And as we all know, power only respects power. Through self-validation, community-building and a strong economic base, we can vote and fund politicians and then demand that both Republican and Democratic horns on the same devil meet our needs. Change starts from the grassroots ground up, not the political top down. Team-conscious. I see you. Let’s get it!

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