I criticized conservative and Republican propaganda on a few blogs. Then I criticized liberal and Democratic propaganda and actions on a few blogs. I know someone reading the first few critiques of conservatism probably thought I am a die-hard liberal and Democrat. And someone reading the next few articles critiquing liberalism probably thinks I’m a hardcore conservative and Republican. Because you can only be one or the other. Right?

Truth is, I’m neither. I laugh at people who passionately fawn over politicians and a political party while vehemently criticizing the opposing politician and party- whether it’s Democrat supporters or Republican supporters. It has a “My savior and daddy is better than yours” type of feel. I find it extremely hilarious seeing people at campaign rallies holding “John Doe for president 2020” or 2016, 2024, or whatever year it is. The only thing these gullible cheerleaders are missing is pom poms and shorts.

Of course, I’m not saying don’t vote. I just don’t see the point in overly fawning over one candidate or politician and becoming worked up over being against one. I don’t see the point in being emotionally invested in the outcome. I don’t see the point in having angry discussions with other people, based on whose savior is better. And you should never have blind trust for either politician or party. Just pick one and calm your nerves. Well, never mind. Don’t calm your nerves. I sort of enjoy seeing average joes argue and fall out over political disagreements.

I love debating or just talking about politics occasionally. But when I do, it’s in a good-natured, playful, and banterish type of way- the same way, someone has an all-in-good-fun, light-hearted debate about sports or even music. Essentially, I know, politics is entertainment, the same way sports and music are. But at least the sports and entertainment industry doesn’t try to take themselves seriously and pretend it’s of a high-minded frequency to follow it. 

National politics and elections are especially fickle, childish, and entertainment-oriented- especially more so than local elections. But people don’t become emotionally invested in the local elections the way they do with national elections. The reason being is because local elections are not as entertaining. Face it, folks. Some of you, subconsciously enjoy being entertained and not enlightened. And you enjoy the adversarial, us-versus-them, the confrontational and argumentative vibe of politics. You enjoy political and ideological tribalism. Your local politicians will affect you more than a national president will, who deals with national and international affairs. But I get it. Local elections aren’t as entertaining as the national ones. You don’t have to lie to kick it.

Local politicians affect you more than national politicians. But you affect you more than even a local politician, let alone, a national politician. The same emotional intensity and obsessive focus people put into whose political daddy is better than the other’s daddy, I put in building my own life. By that, I mean working hard to build my finances, improve my health, and growing and evolving, mentally and spiritually. I use the word ‘should’ loosely. Who am I to tell you what you should do? But I’ll still loosely tell you that you should put that same energy you put into nut-hugging your favorite politician, and hating your least favorite politician, into building your lives.

And if you have the same intensity for both, I say lose it for the politics and redirect another layer into your personal life. Still follow “the news” coverage of politics. See what each respective politician, both national and local are pushing. See what their agendas and plans are, watch the primaries if you want, and even follow the freestyle rap battle-style debates they have. And then vote. But conserve your emotional intensity and obsessive mental focus for other affairs.

I rarely ever see anyone’s individual life change drastically for the better, based on their political daddy or mommy winning an election. And I rarely see anyone’s individual life become worse, based on the hated opposition winning. And specifically for black Americans, there has never been a politician who single-handedly brought about a sociopolitical utopia for us while we sat on our asses. There has also never been a politician who single-handedly brought us into a sociopolitical plague. Usually, things remain at the same relatively worse condition, unless we start a unified movement outside of just arguing over a political daddy, along with just watching “the news,” and just voting, and then going back to being individualistic. 

There are some things by politicians that benefit all Americans in a relatively minor way. There are bills and legislation passed that may hurt all Americans in a relatively minor way. But ultimately, you have the most power to control your destiny. Or at least I know I do.  

Both left and right parties, especially at the national level, are circuses. And the politicians and news pundits, are the star clowns of the circus.

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