Black people. It’s time to start demanding the Democratic party stop pretending to be the friend of the black community. Under Democratic presidency, the Civil Rights Act was passed in 1964 and the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965. This was during the height of the Civil Rights movement. Black people have been voting Democratic since FDR’s presidency in the 1930s, thinking they are a friend of the black community. The extreme fawning of the Democratic party increased ten-fold with JFK and Lyndon Johnson’s presidency in the 1960s. Then the feminist movement popped up out of nowhere in the late 1960s and co-opted and weakened the Civil Rights Movement.

Even in the 1840s and 50s when the slave abolitionist movement was in full swing, a women’s right movement sprung up to co-opt and weaken the black agenda. Elizabeth Cady Stanton is the white woman pioneer of the women suffrage movement in the 1800s. She used several black women for her agenda against men- particularly black men. She referred to black men as rapists and Sambos.

During both periods, many white women feminists tried to convince black women that they were oppressed together by all men and that sexism should be prioritized over fighting racism. Black women, of course, aren’t oppressed by black men who have no institutional control to subjugate them. Black men and women suffered more from racism ran by rich, powerful white men and not sexism. White women owned half of what rich, powerful, white men own. So even any social sexism they may face, pales in comparison to systematic racism that black men and women face. But good try, liberals and feminists.

In the 1960s, the feminist movement was able to convince many black women to join their movement in place of the Civil Rights Movement. So now feminism has become a big part of the Democratic party and liberal culture and used as a wedge between black men and women.

The liberal-minded, and feminist, Me Too Movement coined the term “toxic masculinity” to refer to men who are assertive, brash, and basically a man’s man. Many celebrities are getting charged with sexual harassment, seemingly, just for saying “hello” to a woman. The feminist movement has made women more assertive starting in the 1970s on up to now, which isn’t a bad thing. The bad thing is that it has made men more docile. The alpha male is now considered toxic and the moist, beta male is considered an admirable sweetheart. This is liberal media, liberal culture, and liberal, and Democratic minded media anchors and pundits pushing this nonsense.

FYI, most of the celebrities getting sexual harassment and assault charges, either in the media court of public opinion, or in actual court, are black celebrities. R. Kelly with the Surviving R. Kelly documentary, but no Surviving Catholic Priests documentary- even though they prefer child boys to grown women. The outrage should still be the same, however. But no Surviving Harvey Weinstein documentary hyped up in the liberal media. He went after women also. Bill Cosby was unjustly crucified in the media. Actors Nate Parker, and Morgan Freeman, as well as A. J. from B.E.T.’s 106 @ Park, and television host, Tavis Smiley. The message is very clear by liberal feminists: Make black men the face of sexual assault and choose selective outrage over different races who allegedly or actually commit sexual assault or harassment acts.

During Jim Crow, black people were systematically shut out of jobs and resources and financially crippled, causing black families to need public assistance. Under Democratic President Lyndon Johnson’s term in the 1960s, Welfare was introduced, provided the father, not live in the home. This caused several generations of fatherless black children. This is something the clown conservative pundits love to throw at the Democratic party. It’s true, I just find it strange that the conservatives never offer an alternative solution to that Democratic blunder. The basic message from them is “Democrats are no good and won’t help you. We’re no good and have no solutions to help you either. But neither will they. So just don’t vote at all.”

Nonetheless, this was still a blunder by Democrats. On top of that, the 1994 Crime Bill locked up several blacks who were socially engineered into criminality through Democratic-sponsored Welfare, which split up black families. This crime bill was passed under Democratic leadership of Bill Clinton and introduced by some of you all’s white messiah to save you from Donnie Trump- none other than Joey Biden.

Most black organizations are shills and puppets for the Democratic party. This means their job as an employee for the Democratic party is to pose as a spokesman for black people and convince black people to stay voting Democrat no matter what and bow down to liberal policies.

There is a lecture by author Shahrazad Ali, where she states that she went to a housing complex in Florida built by a black organization called the Urban League. The organization told her the complex was for black women and children only and no men were allowed in the complex. She also mentioned how the black man, woman, and child marched in unity in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s for benefits for the country they helped build and how feminist white women and the Women’s Liberation Movement hijacked the movement for black civil rights and changed it to man verse woman. This created a separation between black men and women. She also mentioned how when the white farm wife goes to the government for subsidy for her farm, they are not instructed to get rid of the white husband in order to attain the subsidy. Only black women are required to kick the black man out of the house in order to attain benefits. This is the elite’s way of saying they want the black man out of the picture, and they’ll just control, brainwash, and finesse the black woman and child.

After the feminist movement hijacked the Civil Rights Movement, the whole independent woman, “I don’t need no man,” “I have my own job, car, and housing” was spouted by some black women as a direct brainwashing mechanism by the feminist movement. This caused a surge in single black mothers, and a skyrocket in the divorce rate in the 50 years following the 60s Civil Rights Movement decade.

In current times, on social media, there are certain segments of black women (not all) who constantly bash black men under the guise of “we need to hold them accountable.” They bash them based on how the media negatively portrays them, mixed with their personal, negative, one-off experiences.

There are segments of black men (not all) who bash black women. I never hear white women bashing white men or white men saying “I’m done with white women.” Only certain blacks do this. Liberal feminism did a good job of throwing a wedge in black men and women relations.

I’m not saying you should become a staunch Republican either. If my criticizing of the Democratic liberals makes you think that, I will be the first to tell you that you are a rigid-minded moron. I’m simply saying hold both parties accountable and understand that neither party is going to magically save you. Besides, I just spent a few blogs criticizing conservative propaganda talking points. By that same logic, conservative, staunch Republican morons would say I am a die-hard liberal, Democrat. Truth is, I am neither. I am an independent free-thinker who sees BS from both parties.

Nonetheless, too many ignorant blacks are still saying, “Democrats are for the black people. And Republicans don’t like us.” Neither party likes you, fool. The entire American political system is a good ol’ boys’ network. Liberals will still jockey for your vote however, to keep them in power. They just use feminism as a wedge between black men and women and to co-opt, weaken, and misguide black-specific issues. And as far as the “minority” and LGBT agenda…aw man. Where do I start?

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