Happy belated New Years everyone. Last year was a crazy year with trending controversies. Well, every year is really. But I’m curious to see what this year has in store.

So far there hasn’t been any major controversies. Maybe they’re taking a break- whoever “they” are. Or just maybe, no public issue is happening and no celebrity has made any major controversial waves or said any public gaffes yet to trend on social media.

I know there’s plenty to come. Usually the spring and summer are the busy months for something to be staged or with people naturally doing something wild. I guess in January of every year, everyone is shopping and enjoying the post holiday discounts. So the media is taking a break from “Breaking News” distractions to have us talking about.

We should just expect crazy stuff to happen now. There will be plenty of racial, political, and otherwise philosophical controversies that will happen and that will set Black Twitter and all of social media on fire. A public figure will probably say something racist, a Black celebrity will say something  Samboish that will have Black people mad  and a Black celebrity will say something conscious or “woke” as the mainstream media derisively refers to it.

Either way, we will alternately mock, ridicule, and show outrage at the sellout and cheer on the rider for Black People. At this stage in the game, we should already know the get-down of the mainstream media and public figures and not react to everything. We should just build in our communities and organize economically and politically as a defense against mainstream nonsense. And trust me, I know plenty of more nonsense is coming in every area of power, be it media, labor, law, the justice system, public figures, and any weird subculture and new and future degenerate ideologies that will be pushed on to us.

Maybe we should all write the mainstream media and let them know that we know they are full of shit. Maybe we should write every scripted and controlled public celebrity and tell them good job on following your bosses marching orders. Then we should let them know that we know their bosses are full of shit and controlling them.

But then again, there are plenty of calcified inner vision folks who will take whatever is being pushed on us at face value.

But anyways, let’s see what new agendas and propaganda they push on us this year.


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