I know it’s ten days late, but happy belated Malcolm X day. Malcolm X was a human rights activist who “stood on business” and “stood ten toes down” when it came to fighting for equality for Black people. He expressed justifiable outrage for the heinous brutality, discrimination, and degradation that Blacks faced in this country.

I figure if I can do a tribute for Martin Luther King, I have to do one for Malcolm X also. They don’t have a national holiday for Brother Malcolm the way the do for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I also don’t expect mainstream society to ever honor his birthday. But I will do a tribute for him the same as I did Martin Luther King in January.

Mainstream society encourages us to embrace Dr. King’s legacy and message, but tell you to look at Malcolm X’s message with a side-eye and as a moral cautionary tale.

 Mainstream thought also tells people to lean more towards Dr. King’s nonviolent “philosophy”- or activist tactic, more less- and tells you to shun Malcolm X’s “violent”- or self- defense tactic and philosophy.

The same culture that dictates how you view these two legends, are the same people who were committing the atrocities that brought about their great talents to begin with.

Malcolm could see through the matrix, racism, and many of societies’ deceptions.

Malcolm also preached a do-for-self mentality. Build your own businesses, create jobs for yourself and your people, and create a culture for yourself and people. He helped spread the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s message and helped the Nation Of Islam expand. The NOI had a network of businesses and a culture all their own. Their code of conduct and ethics didn’t align with mainstream nonsense that is pushed- then and now.

Group culture with their own code of ethics and structure is what is needed today.

If Malcolm was alive today, he would be saying the same things that your average conscious person is saying today- but with his own brand of eloquent oratory and sound logic and intelligence that he was famous for. He would have many harsh words for both political parties, the mainstream media, and the more degenerate parts of popular culture. And he would have several sound solutions for most of these issues.

Salute to Malcolm X, also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz.


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