Chris Rock has been trending lately for his Netflix special where he addressed Will Smith’s controversial slap to his face among other topics. He made some funny jokes about the slap. Many jokes were of the self-deprecating variety.

“Y’all know what happened to me, getting smacked by Suge Smith,” Rock quipped near the end of the special. “Everybody fucking knows.”

Chris Rock also found a hilarious way to psychoanalyze Will Smith’s rage. Rock stated his belief that Will Smith was really mad at his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith for cheating on him with their son’s best friend, singer, August Alsina. Rock says that Jada’s cheating hurt Will Smith way more than Will Smith’s slap hurt him. Rock stated that everyone has been cheated on before. But most wives don’t interview their husband that they cheated on and post it publicly for everyone to see like Jada Pinkett-Smith did on the Red Table Talk talk show. Chris Rock then pretended to interview Will from Jada’s perspective by sarcastically mentioning performing oral sex on someone. After that he pretended to ask Will Smith “How do you feel about that?”

Rock also talked about the ridiculing and toxic nature of the internet. He mentioned how after the Red Table Talk interview went viral, everyone was calling Will Smith a bitch, including rappers, media personalities, and average joes on social media. Chris Rock said he reached out to Will Smith as an industry friend to offer condolences for Hollywood’s humiliation ritual on Will Smith- sorry, guys; I’m thinking out loud- I mean Jada Pinkett-Smith’s lone-wolf, organic, knee-jerk and public humiliation, yet, Smith didn’t respond to him. Despite Rock reaching out to him, Will Smith still decided to slap him instead of every one else laughing at him.

So the distraction worked. Now everyone is talking about this again. Some are still calling Will Smith names, others are calling Chris Rock a misogynist for him calling Jada Pinkett-Smith a bitch as a footnote to his broader stand-up theme.

I can’t lie. Many of Chris Rock’s jokes were funny. I only saw clips so far as opposed to the entire stand-up routine. If I didn’t think this whole debacle was staged to bring attention to a dry Oscars show that hardly anyone watches and to boost anticipation and relevancy for Chris Rock’s next stand-up comedy special, it would be even funnier.

That’s right. The sentiments of the elites staging this event for views and to distract us from other stuff does not sound far-fetched. They also keep publicizing other fake celebrity beefs and scandals as “Breaking News” to distract us from more important stories. I’ve ran across several shocking side-stories that should’ve been breaking news but weren’t. They’re too busy telling us who’s sleeping with who, and who dissed who based on miniscule reasons.

Politics, corruption, and deflective propaganda is the reason a light slap by Smith on Rock is a top story and not other shocking stuff I read about. Who cares what celebrity is sleeping with what celebrity? Who cares who broke up with who and Kanye West no longer being a billionaire?

This whole fiasco is a sitcom- which stands for situational comedy. Sitcoms have actors who act out realistic or close to realistic scenarios with humor or drama all for our entertainment. This Will Smith and Chris Rock beef is no different. The only difference is the mainstream media wants to convince us this was organic and not staged.

A real Oscar’s slap scenario would have had the tell-lies-to-your-vision programming going to an abrupt commercial break to hide this “unplanned slap” by Smith or had security or police escort Smith out and arrest them.

This is WWE. Will Smith and Chris Rock are actors, and they are doing their job well. Get that money Chris Rock and Will Smith.










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