This is a good indicator that they are not really Black leaders. They are liberal puppets and Democratic employees who are following their bosses marching orders. You used to hear Black leaders saying “Black People.” Now they say “Black and Brown people,” “People Of Color” or “Black, Brown, women and LGBT.”  The term “Black and brown” and “people of color” basically means Black people and Hispanics- even White-looking Hispanics, and Asians. Hispanic and Asian groups have organizations that fight solely for their specific issues. There are also women’s rights groups and LGBT organizations that has leaders who fight solely for their issues. None of the leaders of those groups will say “we have to help Blacks too.” Hell , even if they said “we have to help “the  Blacks too”  I’d be fine. But they don’t. They fight only for their issues. That alone I don’t have a problem with. The problem is that Black leaders spread themselves thin trying to be humanitarians for all so-called aggrieved groups while leaders of those groups fight only for their particular group identity they use to claim systemic oppression.

Most of your Black leaders help raise money for “Black and Brown people” after a police shooting of an unarmed Black person  or any form of discrimination to Black people. Then the money that the organization raises is sent to a White Hispanic group organization, Asian groups, and LGBT groups- White LGBT people at that. And the rest is sent to women’s rights organization- White women at that. So basically, liberal racists use Black death and grievances to make money by claiming they are aggrieved victims too of systemic racism. They pretend that they endure discrimination because they are a women, because they’re gay, or whatever weird group description they choose to identify with to swindle money off Black death.

And guess who leads the charge? You guessed it. It’s your Black so-called leaders. They are not leaders. They are employees to liberal racists. Their bosses shower them with money, fame, media exposure and adoration by an unsuspecting Black public in exchange for keeping us oppressed as fake and controlled opposition to racism.

Last year, a racist gunman shot up a supermarket that they know would be frequented by Blacks. All of the victims were Black. Soon after,  MSNBC had “Black leader” Al Sharpton on their program to discuss the specific issue and to wax verbal poetics and philosophize racism as a whole. That’s what they always do. Sharpton stated that it’s not just people in his (the Black) community. He also stated: “You can’t just fight for your tribe.  You’ve gotta say ‘this goes across Jews, Latinos, LGBTQ.’” Funny thing is he said this after all Blacks were killed. And none of those group leaders made public support statements on Blacks’ behalf after the shooting. Sharpton was basically saying that all people are targeted which means no one is really targeted. This is his, as well as other Black liberals and White liberals saying that there is no racism. Conservatives are notorious for telling Black people directly that racism doesn’t exist and to stop crying. Liberals say the same thing- only in a sly, indirect way.

P.S. Notice how “Black leader, Al Sharpton shouted out support for Jews after a Black genocide and no Jewish person or person of any group offered their support for Blacks. Also notice how after Kyrie Irving merely tweeted  a documentary about Blacks being Jews also, no one was killed because of it. Notice how Jewish leaders and regular racists media outlets were made to demonize Irving and making him bow down over a tweet. But also notice how other “Black leaders” like Lebron James, Shaq, Barkley, and Shannon Sharpe defended the Jewish community over a harmless tweet over a harmless documentary and simultaneously condemned Irving. Black celebrities and Black activists, professors and political pundits are not Black leaders. They are liberal employees who help them swindle money and resources off of Black death.

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