Happy belated Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. There has been an attack on patriarchy and fatherhood for awhile now. There’s been so much talk about so-called toxic masculinity for quite some time now. The only problem is, there is nothing toxic about masculinity. Masculinity has been criticized and femininity is being pushed by mainstream culture. They want a world of soft beta-males being ran by their women. Assertiveness and tough leadership in men are now being looked down upon. The higher ups want a society of coddled weaklings.

The higher ups have always tried to get the Black man out of the home. Since the mid-1960s, the government has incentivized the poverty-stricken Black women with benefits, provided the Black man is not in the home. They wanted the government to be Black children’s father and then they can just finesse and provide corrupt leadership to the Black women.

In the later years, the child support system highly favored the women. If a relationship failed between the Black man and woman after a child was produced, the man would be put on papers and ordered to pay child support. And if he could not afford to pay, he was sent to jail. The result would be a single Black mother again raising a fatherless child. And if the Black man could afford to pay, he was ordered to pay more than was necessary and this made it difficult to progress further.

I’m not saying this to say, “whoa is the Black man” and to criticize Black women. I’m simply pointing out the blatantly subtle attack and division on the Black family by the system. This brings me to another point. There is too much finger pointing between Black men and women. We criticize each other too much under this false guise of holding each other accountable. As I made the last few statements, I’m picturing a Black woman reading this saying “Well Black men do this, that, and the third wrong.” I’m not saying all Black women, just certain segments of the Black female population.

Likewise, If I were to say Black men allowed the system to mess up the Black family by being finessed into street life, they will say “Well Black women do XYZ wrong.” Feminism brought all the back and forth arguing between men and women, particularly between Blacks. ‘Not all’ is the key phrase. Not even the majority. But a significant portion of our group of men and women always gets finessed in some way by the higher up shenanigans. We both need to both be suspicious of nefarious agendas they push, where the destruction won’t be realized until decades later after the damage was done.

This is why male leadership and authority is needed to complement the female nurturing and home building and both collective strengths are brought to the table.

We all know there are so many stereotypes of the Black dead-beat dad. We all know there are dead-beats and bottom-feeders of every race. But mainstream media loves to paint the picture of the fatherless Black child. I see so many Black men taking care if their children. Salute to Black men and Black women serving as great parents and salute to all races of great parents. It goes without saying that other races have great parents. The world has to be reminded of great black parents, especially fatherhood.

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