Ok my fellow conscious community. Y’all know we go through this every 4th of July. At this point, it might sound too cliché to say “I don’t celebrate 4th of July because we Black people were not free on Independence Day. We were enslaved.” I won’t do a lengthy, in-depth article on the meaning of Independence Day or the 4th of July, or 4th of you-lie as many rightfully and cynically call it.

Maybe a future 4th of July I’ll talk more about what this holiday means and what it shouldn’t mean. There will be plenty of more 4th of Julys to come. I’ll say the same thing every other conscious person says but with my own unique interpretation, of course. And my own unique style of communication. We- as in this publication, and you guys, the loyal  readers and people who follow this page- will become real close to each other over the years. And trust me, I have plenty more thought-provoking content coming other than some holiday that some people fawn over and that others cynically reject. Stay tuned. Much gratitude to all who have liked, shared, commented, and followed this page so far. I encourage all of you to subscribe to the upcoming, $5 a month premium content. You’ll get way more content on top of the regular free content. And if you choose not to subscribe, you’ll still get the same, free content that I post in the 4 sections of politics, culture, society, and business.

But enough about that. Let’s talk about Independence Day. Black people, or hell, even conscious non-black people, we never celebrated Independence Day anyway. We were only thinking about bringing that grill out and making some ribs, burgers, hot dogs, and eventually liquor and music. This whole 4th of July, is simply a day to kick it with family and eat some good food.

No one is thinking about some old, back-in-the-days White dude with a funny hair style signing some document that made the country official. No one is thinking about some old racist winning some war against other racists. We are simply happy to have a day off. And we are happy to whip that grill out, make some ribs, play music, and laugh and catch-up with old friends and relatives.

So to that I say, happy barbecuing day. Happy grill and fireworks day. And happy day off day. I hope yall enjoyed the fireworks. I forgot. We’re also happy to see fireworks. I personally think fireworks are overrated, but that’s just me. But yeah. Happy all of that what I just said day. And stay tuned. I have some mind blowing content coming for future free content and especially premium content. Yall stay sage and stay up.


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