Those damn conspiracy theorists and their crazy ideas. How dare them think people in power would clone a celebrity. The nerve of them to think an entertainer would be cloned, at that. Clone an actor, singer, and comedian? Really?

But no, seriously. I’ve heard the theories that Jamie Foxx might have been cloned. Some say he might have been killed and cloned.

The official story in “the news” is that Jamie Foxx had a medical emergency and had to be hospitalized. Many conspiracy realists, or theorists rather, immediately thought people in power were trying to kill him.

Jamie Foxx eventually released a video to the public saying that he is doing ok. He stated that he didn’t want his fans to see him sick in the hospital. He wants his fans to see him as they usually see him; cracking jokes, telling stories, laughing, and having a good time.

Conspiracy theorists noted that his skin complexion was noticeably lighter than before and his head was longer than before. And I’m aware that there are plenty of “normal” people who watch “the news” who are annoyed with those damn “conspiracy theorists” always thinking everything is a conspiracy. This is especially so considering the trustworthy mainstream news didn’t report that Jamie Foxx was killed and cloned.  The news wouldn’t lie, right?

Anyways. A movie came out with Jamie Foxx in it, as he was hospitalized. And guess what it’s called… They Cloned Tyrone. That’s the title of the movie. The movie is about Caucasians with afroes cloning drug-dealer Blacks and lower-class, underachieving Blacks in and underground lab located in the ghettos. This really had those damn conspiracy theorists tripping.

What’s my point? And what’s my opinion on this whole issue? I have none at the moment. We just have to see how this story plays out. I used to rack my brain trying to figure out the mainstream media’s weird stories that didn’t add up or hidden truths behind obvious lies, distortions, misinformation, and cherry-picked stories at appropriate times that support their clear agendas.

But now, I say we just enjoy the celebrities’ talents and don’t get caught up in whatever nonsense their elite handlers have them doing behind closed doors. We need to sponsor our own celebrities. We need to create our own version of Hollywood with our own television, movie, and news shows. We also need our own movie companies.

Even though I’m talking Black people when I say “We need to create our own,” I honestly think “we” as in the common, righteous person of any race or ethnicity that’s tired of the fuckery and nonsense being pushed by mainstream movies, TV shows, and music, and even how “the news” tries to socialize and even dee-bo us into how we’re supposed to think.

Lets come outside and intermingle more, and stop following other rich employees. There are plenty of talented average joes in your neighborhood. Let’s raise each other up and create our own. We can create new gatekeepers so no talented average joe has to do some weirdo shit to get “put on.”

Y’all pray for Jamie Foxx and all those mainstream celebrities that deal with whatever foolishness the industry throws at them in exchange for fame and riches.

P.S. I have a strong feeling, this corrupt empire is quickly falling and we’ll be hearing a lot more celebrity nonsense coming out.

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