I’m just wondering. I don’t see anymore memes of them floating around social media at the moment. Ok. Now what? Oh right. I’m supposed to give my opinion on what I think about the whole fiasco of their relationship. That might be the hard part because I genuinely don’t care- or at least not about the specifics. I do actually care on a holistic level. The holistic  level is the level of wondering what the media, or corrupt, weirdo elites’ purpose is for constantly bombarding us with Will and Jada in the first place.

We all know they want a reaction out of us. At best, they want and  will get a “That’s  F’d up,” “Jada ain’t shit,” or “She’s making Will look like a sucker.” I’m sure many of you use some of these phrases. Whatever my opinion is, I always preface it by saying “assuming this whole Will and Jada thing isn’t a fake, staged event.” Anytime something I don’t deem as newsworthy is constantly being shoved in our collective faces, I wonder what agenda they’re pushing or what are they trying to distract us from. There’s only so many ways to say “Will Smith is a sucker” and “Jada Pinkett ain’t shit.” I almost want to grudgingly say to the elites who control the media, “OK. We get it. Will Smith is a sucker and Jada is evil. Ok? Is that what you’re trying to get us to say? Now can we move on? In other news now…”

When I say I think this is fake, what I mean is that I wouldn’t be surprised if Will and Jada are laughing behind the scenes at what they pretend to be an organic situation and what we actually think is a real and organic situation- even though it’s possibly all staged to distract us or keep us dumbed down on chatty patty nonsense.

Or  maybe it’s Hollywood laughing in our collective faces with this non-newsworthy, “newsworthy” story, forcing a reluctant Will and Jada to grudgingly go through the humiliation ritual motions. We all know Hollywood loves to put actors- especially Black actors through humiliation rituals. We all know the media loves to build up Black celebrities to a God-like status, and then tear them down with a hard fall. Usually they try to accuse the Black icon of rape or molestation. The most vulnerable people in this world are women and children, so if you can paint a Black icon in a negative light that harms them, the outrage from the indignant public will be ten-fold.

Sometimes the media will go with the drug addict or crazy narrative or overplay a slight mistake or a big mistake that was nonetheless, an isolated incidence to convince you that person is no longer good. The term “cancel culture” is new, but cancel culture as a reality has been in existence for celebrities- especially Black celebrities for a long time. The media knows how to convince the public not to like someone for any small action. But I guess with Will, they’re going to go with the simp/sucker label. And with Jada, the evil woman role. At least they’re not being labeled as anything more sinister.

Bottom line is, none of us knows the details of Will and Jada’s relationship other than what they play on the news. And none of us knows what’s the real motive of them going public and what the media’s fascination is with them. We can only speculate for now. Whenever the media overly talks about a celebrity’s twat or phallus like it’s “Breaking News,” I always wonder what laws are being secretly passed, what rights are being taken away from the general public, or what media-protected scumbag is being indicted for something  heinous.

But anyway- Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Hopefully one more mention of their name drives the algorithm for this website. I might be a little late though in talking about them.

Stay posted family. I have plenty more content coming for you guys in the future.

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