We should take the side of peace, safety, harmony, and righteousness. I don’t like to see violence and war. But sometimes I know it’s necessary to keep the unrighteous shit-starters off the righteous people minding their business. War should only be used for self-defense against tyranny, abuse, and oppression.

Other than that, I hope no innocent people are killed and harmed. And I’m not saying that for virtue signaling purposes either.

Oh. Right. Virtue signaling. That just reminds me the point of this article- which is not to talk about some foreign war that doesn’t directly affect me. Virtue signaling means “the public expression of opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one’s good character or social conscience or the moral correctness of one’s position on a particular issue.”

I notice a lot of the mainstream Black intelligentsia are doing this. They’re saying exactly what they think their bosses and handlers want them to say regarding the matter. All I hear is “look at me, I’m moral and have good character.”

I also see the mainstream media insisting that everyone pick a side or at least have an opinion on the issue. The western world, particularly America, teaches us to think linear, rigid, and black and white terms with no nuance.

Well guess what. Many Black people, including myself, refuse to pick a side. The reasoning is the question we ask of where were Israel and Palestine when unarmed Black people were being gunned down by racist cops in the 2010s or since the beginning of this landmass country, turned corporate experiment we call America. Social media just made police brutality towards Blacks more public and dramatic.

The 2010s and 2020 liberal media overly publicized police brutality only to scare an ever-growing apathetic Black people into continuing to vote Democrat- the so-called “non-racist party designed to help Black people fight racism.” They used Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Brianna Taylor and Jacob Blake’s racially charged shootings and deaths in the mainstream media in 2020 to get us to vote Democrat one more time.

After the Democrats were elected, they gave us their asses to kiss by passing legislation to protect Asians with the “stop the Asian hate” campaign. They even falsely implied that Blacks were going around harming Asians, unprovoked. They also passed legislation for LGBTQ and transgender. The implication was that these groups were being targeted and harmed in an organized way and for a longer period of time. Of course all Americans should be protected against harm. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be protected. I’m against the disingenuous use of race politics to get us to vote for you, and then pulling a bait-and-switch to isolated incidents of random attacks on other so-called aggrieved “minorities.” I’m also against outright lying by saying there is a widespread attack on these groups in a systematic manner. No, that only happens to Blacks systematically- the very group they overly campaigned to in 2020.

So the modern day Dixiecrats now want us to chime in on Israel vs. Palestine. They should be asking Israel and Palestine what they think of the conflict of systematic racism and political tomfoolery vs Blacks or so-called African Americans- more less indigenous Americans. Their fight is not our problem-or at least not our main problem.

Oh. I forgot. The GOP- the good ol’ party of conservative Republicans. I haven’t watched their narratives, but we all know they are racist. Right? So why even follow their coverage of Israel vs. Palestine? In fact, many Blacks think only Republicans and conservatives are racist and liberal Democrats are a friend to us nigra folks. The truth is, Black people have no political allies between either parties. I’ve said before that we need economic, resource and business unity to buy and leverage both parties to support our unique needs and interests at different times.

Election year is coming in 2024. Expect the liberal media to display a racially charged incident in this upcoming Spring, Summer, and Fall. The liberal media, along with whatever puppet politician runs for office, and liberal, puppet celebrities will denounce the racism towards Blacks and say this is proof Black people should vote Democrat…..again. Because they care about “the Blacks.”

And then they will do a bait-and-switch in 2025 and say, Asians, LGBTQ, trans, and maybe even midgets, special needs, left-handed people, fat people, vegans, bacon-eaters, or some random “minority group” identifier are being systematically targeted by hate groups. Then they’ll proceed to pass legislation for those groups and then wait until 2028 to troll us Blacks with racial sensitivity again to get us to vote Democrat again.

As for conservative Republicans, well- the tomfoolery politrix they play is to a base of voters that are usually bigots and Sambo Blacks who are insensitive to racism and says it doesn’t even exist.

Conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans only fight over whose turn it is to step on Black peoples’ necks and poor, working class people of all races to a lesser extent.

Black people should ask Israel and Palestine what they think of the conflict of systematic racism vs. Blacks, the Oligarchy minority vs. the majority everyday citizen, and the conflict between the Democratic brand of racism vs. the Republican brand of racism.



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