How long are they going to keep talking about this Kanye West story? Jeeze Louise. I’m almost tempted to call every media outlet and say, “Hey. We get it. Kanye West is no longer a billionaire. Kanye is no longer a billionaire. Oh and did I tell you, Kanye is no longer a billionaire. You don’t have to flood every social media page and timeline with this.”

Once the media or the elites want you to know something, they keep telling you. So far I only saw this “breaking news” story flooded on my social media timelines. I haven’t turned on “the news” from TV yet or even listened to the radio yet to- as some people like to say- “see what’s going on in the world” yet. But I can pretty much guess what they’re talking about. It’s probably about how- you guessed it- Kanye West is no longer a billionaire. That’s what’s going on in the world. Kanye West is no longer a billionaire.

When the mainstream media or the mainstream planted social media platforms disguised as memes and underground, grassroots platforms try to get your attention, they don’t stop. Whatever they deem important for us to know, they will keep posting it on the mainstream TV or the planted sites by the mainstream media.

Some people care about this story and don’t like Kanye West because of comments he made about different groups. Some people care about the story because they love Kanye because he mixed some good points with some comments deemed offensive to some people. The people who love him think he has some secret genius method behind his madness to what he’s doing.

But there are a great many of us who are indifferent to the story and indifferent to Kanye West. What that means is we don’t give a damn about the story. And we don’t love, like, or hate Kanye West. We are neutral to Kanye West. Kanye West just is. Some of us can observe without judging one way or the other.

They, whoever they are- the powers that be, love giving us something to debate about.

Guess what y’all. Kanye West is no longer a billionaire. I hope this helps the algorithm to bring more eyes on this site so me and you guys can build and chop it up about more important things.

When some celebrities reach billionaire status, they report that as a breaking news story. Even the celebrities I like, follow and whose public talent I consume, I don’t care about every little insignificant detail about their life.

I remember seeing this headline trending a few months ago: “Breaking: Lebron James is officially a billionaire.” My reaction was a sarcastic “Really?! So he’s no longer worth “just”  $970 million or $987 million? He officially crossed a textbook threshold of $1 billion wow.” Honestly. I don’t give a damn. Or at least not in the context of it being breaking news. That should be a side note to a broader story. It’s definitely not breaking news. I’m happy for him or any person who becomes financially stable. But once you reach a higher text book number, I’m neutral towards it. It was already known that he and his family was set for life. I don’t care if him or any other public person reaches an on-paper milestone beyond his set-for-life wealth that we already knew. Granted, the Lebron James story wasn’t posted as much, however.

Here’s another story I heard a few months ago: “Breaking: Kim Kardashian just broke up with her boyfriend, such and such.” I forgot his name. I’m not going to waste the short time googling it. That would be 15 seconds of my life I’ll never get back. Ok. F it. Pete Davidson. I just googled it. His name may still be trending along with Kim Kardashian’s to help the algorithm. Back to the point. That story was and is not that important.

I’ve seen other stories that sounded like this: “Breaking: Such-and-such celebrity eats turkey for dinner on Tuesday, chicken for lunch on Wednesday, and fish for lunch and dinner on Thursday.” Hearing this, I’m thinking about how I understand how he or she is famous and talented and all for sports, music, movies, or Politics, but got-damn. Not everyone cares about every minute and unimportant detail of every famous person’s life- even if I admire their talent.

In closing, I’m going to say, Kanye West is no longer a billionaire and  Adidas and other sponsors cut ties with the homey, Kanye West. Ok. We get it. Hopefully this helps the algorithm and the SEO for whatever dumb stuff  the higher ups decides to make trend.

Let’s keep building, family. Stay tuned for more content in the future.


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