Wow, Chuck and Shaq. Tell us how you really feel. Or more less, tell us how your bosses really feel. Like a church pastor says “this isn’t me speaking to you. This is Gaawd, speaking to you, through me.” This is the same thing. This isn’t Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neil speaking to the public about Kyrie Irving. This is their bosses trying to G-check Kyrie Irving and speaking to us, the public, through their famous court jesters in the form of Shaq and Barkley.

First of all- “first of all”- I sound like Barkley now before he begins to speak. But anyway and first of all, I didn’t expect Barkley or Shaq to defend Kyrie Irving. I probably would have bucked my eyes on their behalf if they defended him like, “Uh oh. Barkley and Shaquille O’Neil bout to get in a whole heaps of trubbles for defending Kyrie.” And Charles Barkley just signed a contract with TNT worth $200 million. Shhheeeeit. They’re about to buck break both of them along with Kyrie and take their money. But all jokes aside, I would’ve slightly bucked my eyes on their behalf while simultaneously being proud of them for sticking it to their masters.

But the point is, I didn’t expect them to defend Kyrie and stand up to the establishment they work for and I would’ve understood if they only said something vague like, “it’s important to respect all races, ethnicities, religions, and cultures. Hopefully Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets can amend the situation so we can get back to basketball.”

But no. They put an extra emotional emphasis into bashing him. They not only bashed him without checking out the Amazon documentary Kyrie tweeted about called Hebrews To Negroes: Wake Up Black America, they went above and beyond by calling him an idiot.

Kyrie Irving apologized for anyone he might have offended. Even Shaq and Barkley’s fellow ex-NBA player and TNT Inside The NBA co-host, Kenny Smith said he will take Kyrie Irving’s apology at face value. He further stated that there is nothing more to critique if he apologized.

Kenny Smith didn’t go into the right and wrong of what he tweeted. And I didn’t expect him to. I know he’s clicked in with that corrupt, buck-breaking system. So he has to toe the line for a check to some degree. If you speak out against Kyrie too hard, you run the risk of being culturally ostracized by grassroots Black people. But if you defend Kyrie too hard, you run the risk of being systematically and financially ostracized by the buck-breaking system of the league and mainstream media. So I expected Kenny Smith to say something semi-defending Kyrie for apologizing, but I didn’t expect him to defend Kyrie for the tweet.

In closing I’ll just say, I recently saw a meme on social media saying that the NBA of National Basketball Association actually stands for Neutered Black Athlete. That sounds about right too.












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