Charles Barkley’s Humpty Dumpty-looking ass is really working hard for that $200 million massa just gave him. I’m pretty sure they won’t take the money from him if he just stays quiet and stops lying and slandering Black people on national television.

First off, the statement he made simply isn’t true. Black people are not outwardly or inwardly hostile towards gay people.

Black people are the most innately loving and accepting people on the planet. Black people went through global colonization by Europeans, endured slavery, Jim Crow lynchings and segregation. Yet we still are loving towards them and even other ethnic groups who conduct business in Black neighborhoods  and don’t give back to our community and treat us like crap.

Black people’s problem is we are too loving. We love other groups more than we love ourselves. As a group, many of us have Stockholm Syndrome. Some of us even like kissing Caucasian ass. Case in point would be Charles Barkley himself with a lot of the boot-licking he’s been doing. I know he has to please his Caucasian in-laws that’s blood related to his White wife, but got-damn. And for the record, I have nothing against interracial dating or marriage. The only problem is when you start buck-dancing, boot-licking, and chucking and jiving so your White relatives can give you a condescending pat on the head and say, “Good boy.” Enjoy and love on your wife of any race. But still maintain your Black integrity, Chuck. I bet even Barkley’s White in-laws are thinking, “Damn, Charles. You don’t have to do all that. We still love you.”

I bet even TNT is saying “Calm down, Chuck. That $200 million we just paid you is yours to keep. You don’t have to bootlick us that hard.” The only thing they probably ask Barkley is to just keep being the charismatic and funny basketball analyst and just be apolitical at the very least. They don’t expect you to become political  and turn overly conscious, pro-Black, and an eloquent criticizer of racism. At the very least, be neutrally apolitical and don’t speak out on racism at all and just talk basketball and make slapstick jokes as their personal clown. And they’ll still let you keep your money. But don’t er on the side of Samboing it up by unjustly slandering Black people, while simultaneously dismissing racism.

I just mentioned how Blacks are overly loving to other ethnic groups. This 1% group called gay people are no exception. Most of the news stories of someone assaulting or even killing a gay person just for being gay, was usually non-Black. And even then, they were isolated incidents among those other ethnic groups. No ethnic group is going around being openly hostile, let alone, violent towards gay people in large numbers- especially Black people.

Religious people of all races criticize the behavior as a sin and abomination by God. But even they claim they’re just preaching “God’s Word” (really the Council of Nicea/Vatican, and Ptolemy’s word) (another topic for another day), while still maintaining they have nothing personally against them.

Socially and in the pop culture realm-or at least the old realm (it’s accepted and even admired now), people of all races may make a joke here and there about alternative sexual orientations to the norm, or about having feminine traits as a man and masculine traits as a women. It’s not always socially cool in some circles. But other than that, no one is being overly hostile, let alone violent towards gay people. That’s a liberal media hoax and creation.

In many social circles of all races, gay, feminine men are the sister-girl friend to the ladies, and masculine, gay women are the cool homie to the fellas. And the heterosexuals of the same gender are cordial and respectful to both sides. There is no widespread hate and hostility of gay people. Most people don’t give a damn about anyone’s lust preference. So just what the hell is Barkley’s fat ass talking about? Who the hell knows. But I know one thing. I kind of see why Michael Jordan stopped being friends with him. He probably had an aha moment that said “I really don’t like this guy. He’s funny, jolly and charismatic. But he’s a clown low-key.” That wasn’t Jordan’s quote. That’s what I’m imagining he was thinking as he was pretending to be his friend before they fell out and he simply stopped pretending to benhis friend.

But here’s a real, non-public quote by Michael Jordan about Charles Barkley from Bleacher Report. When Jordan’s Bulls faced Barkley’s Phoenix Suns in the 1993 Finals, Jordan bribed Barkley after Game 3 by buying him a $20,000 diamond earring. Chicago Bulls assistant, Johnny Bach claimed he asked Jordan why he did that. Bleacher Report quoted Johnny Bach’s quote of  Michael Jordan as saying: “So he won’t get in my way the rest of the series. What’s $20,000 to me? Charles thinks we’re great friends. I hate that fat fuck.” Go figure. Jordan never liked him to begin with. At this point, who does? I only like him as a sports analyst. But he’s “turrrible”- as his non-talking ass would say- as a race analyst. Condescending White folks like him maybe- and even then, just as a pet, personal puppet, mascot, and cort jester. Definitely not as a man, let alone, a human being.

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