Ha ha ha! The world is funny I tell you.  ESPN. You guys are really trying to get ratings back up by your Black male viewership aren’t you?

There was a controversy over White former ESPN journalist Rachael Nichols making a statement about not wanting Black former ESPN journalist to be hired over her because of ESPN’s pressure for minority diversity. Black people perceived this as racist on Rachael Nichols part and she was fired. Black people were relieved that a Black journalist in Malika Andrews became Nichols’ replacement.

But it turned out, the Black journalist in Malika Andrews turned out to be worst then the White one in Rachael Nichols. Black athletes publicly defended Nichols comment and were derided by some Blacks as cooning and buck-dancing for coming to the White girl journalist’s defense when her complaint about minority diversity was perceived as racist.

Nichols comments wasn’t an on-the-record, public comment. She was recorded privately and her comments were made public. To be fair, I didn’t perceive her comments as racist or prejudice. She just sounded over-eager for career climbing and the complaint against diversity was a footnote to her not wanting her journalist career hindered. I don’t think her comment reflected a broader philosophy of hate against minority diversity. But that’s besides the point. We need to talk about the nigra girl the plantation replaced her with.

Damn. What Malika Andrews is doing is far worse. I now hear many Black people backtracking and saying we were better off with Rachael Nichols. I already covered how Malika Andrews tried to use feminism to demonize Black Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka simply for cheating but ignoring the fellow cheating White women’s involvement. She tried to talk disrespectful to Black reporter Stephen A. Smith and  Kendrick Perkins simply for trying to hold the woman accountable as well as Udoka.

Here’s what made matters worse. Joe Mazulla was the African-American assistant coach of the Boston Celtics and became a candidate to replace Ime Udoka after Udoka’s dismissal. Sports organizations vet the background of candidates being looked at for hiring. Well they didn’t have to look far because Andrews reported all his legal problems.

Malika first reported the relevant sports story of his coaching credentials which reads as follows: He was an assistant coach for the last 3 years for the Celtics, head coach at Fairmont state from 2017-2019, and played for west Virginia from 2006-2011.

Then she reported information that was irrelevant to sports but relevant to keeping the organization from hiring the Black candidate. Her exact quote goes: “ We’d be remiss not to also mention that Mazulla was arrested twice at West Virginia, once in 2008 for underage drinking and aggravated assault. He plead guilty; paid a fine. And then again in 2009 at Morgantown bar.” She further stated that the case was settled in 2009 and he paid a $100 fine plus court costs and had to do 100 hours of community service. Then Andrews asked fellow White sports journalist Adrian Wojnarowski why the Celtics should hire Mazulla.

Mazulla still got the job as head coach, but that was a cheap attempt by Malika Andrews’ racist handlers to keep the Celtics organization from hiring him. Andrews’ handlers and Adrian Wojnarowski’s bosses made Wojnarowski play the good White guy who defended Mazulla and vouched for him getting hired. I guess ESPN figured it won’t look as bad if we have a nigra girl go after the Black coaching candidate, and have the White guy play the good guy defender.

Adreian Payne is a former basketball Michigan State star who was shot and killed in Orlando on May 9 of this 2022 year. This was reported as a tragic story by Malika Andrews. Andrews did the usual reporting of this slain athlete’s legacy as reporters always do when public figures or even average joes meet a tragic and untimely demise. Andrews reported  that he was the 15th pick by the Atlanta Hawks in 2014 and played four seasons for multiple teams. This should’ve been the end of the story.

But Malika Andrews threw in this irrelevant fact to tarnish this dead man’s legacy. She mentioned how Payne was waived by the Orlando Magic in 2018 after it was alleged he was involved in a sexual assault in 2010. No charges were found in this case. This was just an FYI report that Andrews’ bigoted handlers made her throw in to alleviate any sympathy people may have about this slain brother.

Black people made a big fuss about Andrews and justifiably can’t stand her. Many are demanding for her firing. ESPN hears the loud whispers. Andrews fellow Black female sports reporter, Jamele Hill publicly defended her and blamed Black men for the hostility and backlash.

People also question why Andrews hasn’t denounced NFL legend, Brett Favre for swindling Welfare money from Mississippi. A photo also came out of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones standing in front of the Little Rock Arkansas high school along other racist students as they shouted epithets and tried to block six Black students from desegregating the school. People are questioning why she, or her racist handlers and bosses, more less, won’t make her use that same hostile passion and eagerness to report and expose them that she had for Ime Udoka, Stephen A. Smith, Kendrick Perkins, Joe Mazulla, and even Adreian Payne.

ESPN has since tried to save face by having famous singer, Ty Dolla Sign and music producer Mustard make beats on the show as Malika Andrews dances. Both artists encouraged Malika Andrews and fellow Black female co-host and ex-WNBA star, Chiney Ogwumike to kick a rap freestyle. Both women laughed and declined.

Good job ESPN. We all know those male darkies love rapping, dancing and Hip-Hop music. Their thought process was this will bring the enraged Black male viewership back. And maybe this will re-endear Black men to the Mustard Hip Hop beat dancing  and even buck-dancing Malika Andrews. Good try ESPN. But we see what you are doing.

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