“I should be able to give my opinion without being called a Sambo, sellout, or Uncle Tom”

Sambos/Sellouts/Uncle Toms

No, the hell you shouldn’t. Accountability is key. Even though I stated in the previous article that certain Blacks throw the sellout, Uncle Tom, Sambo, coon, and even house nigga label around too much and at the wrong people, it’s still divine justice to be called that in some cases. Sambos, you are more than welcome to have your own opinion. But your opinion better be logical, eloquently, and persuasively presented, and be able to hold up to the pressure of anti-racism counterpoints. And as a self-respecting Black man or woman, there are certain opinions you are obligated to have. If you don’t have these opinions, calling you a sellout or Uncle Tom is not a gratuitous insult – it’s fair game and a matter-of-fact, accurate description of your mental state.

It’s All Propaganda 

This is another propaganda con game from Black conservatives and their white racist pundit cronies at Faux pas news. Black conservatives and probably even some everyday joes with a Eurocentric perspective give their buck dancing opinion. They are subsequently ridiculed by self-respecting Blacks and of course, hard-charging, self-righteous, pro-Blacks. Then they paint this narrative of them, the house negroes/Sambos, engaging in a civil debate or “healthy dialogue,” and the self-respecting Blacks later act childish by resorting to senseless name-calling. It’s name-calling alright. But it’s anything but senseless. 

Ad Hominem Arguments & Pettiness

Here’s senseless name-calling. One person disagrees with the other, and the disagreeing party responds by insulting their morbidly obese mother, wife with the lazy eye, child with the abnormally big head, or even insults their physical appearance. Sellouts and Sambos could then reasonably ask what does my yellow teeth and messed up grill have to do with my opinion that Malcolm X was a bad person for speaking so harshly against racism? Or that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were honorable men and heroes of mine? Nothing, negro. Absolutely nothing. That’s childish, petty, and irrelevant to the topic at hand.

Racist Eurocentric Logic

Calling you a self-hating Sambo, Uncle Tom, or all the variety of synonyms has everything to do with it, however. As a Black person – correction – self-respecting Black person – you are obligated to have certain opinions. In the previous-mentioned example, Malcolm X spoke justifiable rage at racial terrorism against Blacks in America in the 1950s and 60s and the mainstream media vilified him as a bad guy. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were presidential pioneers to this historically racist country in the late 1700s but both owned Black slaves. Their slave-owning is downplayed, while their achievements are overrepresented by mainstream media and the educational system. 

Sambos, you’re more than welcome to agree with this racist Eurocentric logic, for example, Malcolm X being the bad guy. Or, Thomas Jefferson and the other old white dude on the $1 bill as being the good guys. If I become angry at you for saying this and I insult you for having bumps on your face and having bad breath, call me childish for this irrelevant and senseless insult. But if I call you a self-hating coon, sellout, Sambo, or Uncle Tom, don’t call me childish as this is not an irrelevant, gratuitous insult. Just call me highly intuitive and a brilliant psychoanalyzer for accurately calling a Sambo spade a Sambo spade.

Some self-righteous pro-Blacks will become so angry at you for being a racist white soul in Black face, that they actually will go beyond calling you the psychoanalytic insult of a coon and sellout. They will roast you with an irrelevant and mean-spirited insult to match every hypothetical bump on your face. But you white racist souls in Black face can distinguish the level-headed psychoanalyzers from the emotionally charged, senseless insulters who are still brilliant psychoanalyzers, nonetheless – they just went overboard. You might be stupid. But you’re not that stupid. Stop playing this silly game already. I know you want a hug from white folks at the expense of your dignity and self-respect, but got-damn.

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