Everyone has been talking about the death of Queen Elizabeth II. I’m not going to rehash old stuff and waste energy talking about her deeds, misdeeds, or whatever she was known for. I’m going to observe everyone playing their role. Every group is saying what I expected.

Sunny Hostin has faced criticism for her comments on Queen Elizabeth. The only thing she said was to “mourn the queen and not the empire” for its colonization. She also stated, “I wanted to meet the queen because I think we all love glam and pageantry.”

Hostin further stated, “Because if you really think about what the monarchy was built on, it was built on the backs of black and brown people. She wore a crown with pillaged stones from India and Africa. And now, what you are seeing, at least in the black communities that I’m a part of, they want reparations.” She then suggested that King Charles III use his position as head of state of 14 colonies, including Australia and Canada, to modernize the monarchy and provide reparations to all those colonies.

I don’t get what’s so controversial about that. All she did was urge reparations to be rightfully paid to those who Queen Elizabeth’s wealth was built off. I agree with her. Sunny Hostin said it in a nice way. She said it in a mainstream, liberal, kind-hearted critique of racism kind of way.

You know conscious community people are ripping her to shreds and talking unapologetically greasy about her. Hostin still said she admired Queen Elizabeth II for her so-called glam and pageantry. And she still said it was ok to mourn her. Her criticism was tame compared to some. It really wasn’t a criticism. It was more of a suggestion- as far as giving back the reparations of her wealth. Sunny Hostin was even kind enough to include brown with Black people as is the case with all liberal talking heads. You know they always have to say Black and brown, as in Hispanic and Asians also.

I understand she mentioned India in her statement. But I’m willing to bet, if some mainstream liberal organization tried to garner monetary support for a reparations movement against Queen Elizabeth II’s empire, that money would be funneled into some White liberal organization and distributed to only the brown- ahem a brown part of that “black and brown” part Sunny Hostin named. The brown part would be to a Hispanic and Asian organization. After all, they are brown too, right? Just like Sunny Hostin mentioned. She was right about the need for reparations needing to be paid though. It was just stated in her Black liberalist kind of way. She played her liberal part.

And we can’t forget about the conservative people playing their part. Candace Owens recently said that the British colonization of Africa “ended up being a net positive” while defending the royal family amid revived criticism over their role in English imperialism over the centuries. Candace Owens also stated that people act like Europeans were the only people in history who did wrong. Owens said Africans did bad stuff too in history. Basically, a “what about Black-on-Black crime” to police brutality equivalent to European colonization.

Candace Owens will likely, and justifiably be ridiculed as a coon, Sambo, and sellout for her comments. We should all know she is nothing more than a public troll by now. We shouldn’t even get mad anymore. Mrs. Owens is just playing her part as that conservative Sambo. She’s just following her marching orders for whatever Klansman or conservative bosses are bankrolling her.

I hear other Black people saying the only queen they recognize is Queen Latifah, or the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin as a way of saying they don’t recognize Queen Elizabeth II as a queen. Here’s my opinion of Queen Elizabeth. I don’t have one. I don’t know too much about her other than vaguely hearing conspiracy realists refer to her as a reptilian and vaguely hearing about her being apart of elite corruption. Perhaps, later, I can write something about her after I learn more about her. That’s if I have the motivation to research her. The only reason I’m vaguely writing about her is to help the algorithm for this website and bring more eyes to my other future content. After all, Queen Elizabeth II, I said Queen Elizabeth II, ahem Queen Elizabeth II’s name is trending right now. Queen Elizabeth II. Damn. I said it again. Yes, that’s right. I’m clout chasing as they say. There are far more pressing issues for me to research and talk about. I have deeper content I am preparing that I will post later. This future content will be thoughtful, eloquent, and thought-provoking. I think you all will agree. But in the meantime- Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth II. Is Sunny Hostin’s name trending? Well, anyway- Sunny Hostin, Sunny Hostin. Oh, and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry also. Ok. That’s it. I’m out. Deuces. Stay tuned for future, out-of-this-world content.










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