Here we go again with more police brutality on African Americans. Jayland Walker was murdered on June 27 when he was shot 60 times in Akron, Ohio as he ran from police. The police admit Jayland Walker was unarmed when they shot and killed him. Police and the media also love to mention that he had a gun on the seat of his car. The gun on the seat of his car is irrelevant, considering he was shot after he left the car. Sometimes people can lie without lying. This is clearly what the media and the police are doing here. Any zombie-minded viewer will hear this and think it was a justifiable shooting. They will think this simply because the media and police mentioned that Jayland Walker had a gun, even though the gun was on his car seat and wasn’t on him when he fled. This is the media’s way of implying he was armed without actually lying and explicitly saying he was armed.

Why did the police wait so late to publicly state the reason they stopped him? The police claim they stopped him because he had traffic and equipment violations. They’re very vague and mention no specifics. Police also say in these exact words, that “a sound consistent with a gunshot can be heard.” They didn’t say they heard a gunshot from Mr. Jayland Walker. They said they heard a sound consistent with a gunshot. Once again, this is the media and law enforcement’s way of lying without lying. They won’t outright lie and say they heard a gunshot. Because there was no gunshot. But they will say they heard “a sound consistent with a gunshot.” Any drone-minded person will hear this report and will deduce that Jayland Walker shot at the police first. They won’t even pay attention to the media and the police’s word trickery and inclination to lie without lying like a skilled politician.

CNN also quoted this on there website: “Police also showed still images taken from traffic cameras that showed ‘a flash of light’- perhaps (keyword “perhaps”) a muzzle flash.” They aren’t saying definitely that there was a muzzle flash. They’re merely saying there was a flash of light…perhaps, meaning maybe but not really. That light could’ve easily been a reflection from a streetlight, or another car light. But this is another way of lying without lying. Any herd-minded person will hear this media report and come to the conclusion that Jayland Walker fired his gun, and that “flash of light” is “perhaps”- as the media and police say- a muzzle flash. The average public viewer won’t pay attention to more word trickery of “perhaps.” Some people are dumb, some people are biased, and some people are smart but only have time to skim watch and listen to the news while multitasking with other life chores. So it’s real easy to trick someone with political wording of lies without outright lying. Then the person listening to this deception will repeat what they heard in private living room conversations, barber shop, or water cooler conversations at work with others. They will say “the news said the police heard a gunshot and saw a muzzle flash coming from him.”

Rest in peace to Jayland Walker. I hope the truth gets out as to what actually happened. And I hope justice is served.

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