There’s a lot of talk about Boston Celtics Head Coach Ime Udoka cheating on Hollywood actress, Nia Long. Udoka didn’t do anything illegal. He cheated on his wife. That’s ethically wrong, but not legally  wrong. Yet the mass media is covering this story endlessly. Brett Favre is under FBI investigation for stealing Welfare money and it didn’t get nearly as much coverage as Udoka’s marital infidelities.

This seems to be a constant theme by mainstream media. When there is a Caucasian celebrity that has a scandal, the media shifts to a Black celebrity and overplays their misdeeds. Film producer, Harvey Weinstein has a sexual assault scandal publicized minimally, and before you know it, they’re excessively covering Bill Cosby. Jeffrey Epstein has a pedophile-ring scandal minimally publicized, and bam, R. Kelly gets massive exposure- and excessive memes on social media joking him about getting raped in jail and made to sing to big Bubba in prison. And our, well- a lot of y’all really- messy, judgmental selves make jokes and cancel him without questioning why the same energy isn’t put towards the paler culprits of degenerate behavior.

Almost every time there is a scandal on a Black celebrity, I wonder what they are trying to distract us from. Ime Udoka’s sex scandal is protecting Brett Favre from media scrutiny the same way offensive linemen protected him from tackles. By the time they finished overplaying Udoka’s misdeeds in the media and convincing the general public that he is the worst thing since Adolph Hitler or Jeffrey Dahmer, the whole scandal of Brett Favre stealing from Welfare in Mississippi will be forgotten.

But enough about them. I have more and more content coming for you guys in the upcoming months. So stay tuned and stay blessed.

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