If you don’t know, Oklahoma City Thunder star, Josh Giddey was facing an investigation for inappropriate relations with a minor.

The Black community has been heavily critical of Stephen A. Smith and Malika Andrews because of their tendency to go hard on Black athletes without proof but sounding meek or absent when discussing Josh Giddey’s, or any White athletes’ flawed behavior. Malika Andrews reported the  Josh Giddey story as if she was being forced to do it.

Stephen A. Smith angrily ranted at Black people’s criticism by saying he could be sued if he prematurely reports on Josh Giddey’s situation without all the evidence. Stephen A. also added that we are “getting on (his) damn nerves.”

Black NFL linebacker, Von Miller was accused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, and Stephen A reported that story immediately. Stephen A then went on an angry rant about not putting your hands on women and how off-court antics affect the team. And get this. He did this without any proof and without fear of being sued.

Von Miller’s girlfriend even called the news station and told them they are blowing the story out of proportion and that it was just a verbal argument.

Yet and still, ESPN’s First Take has yet to retract the story and say “our bad, it was just an argument.”

And we all know Malika Andrews’ tendency. She used feminism to demonize Black Boston Celtics ex-coach Ime Udoka for cheating on his wife with a White women, while ignoring the married White women for cheating with him. Andrews also read the Black candidate coach replacement, Joe Mazulla’s irrelevant arrest record after talking about his credentials as a coach. This way, it will sway the Celtics front office not to hire him.

At this point, no buck-dancing action by any mainstream, Black celebrity surprises me. I expect this type of behavior. They are only following their ESPN handlers’ marching orders. Even though Malika Andrews appears to enjoy doing this, ESPN carefully vets for self-hating, Sambos to do their racist bidding.


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