I can only speculate what it means. Every time a story goes viral or trends more than what I deem necessary, I start wondering what “they” are trying to distract us from. Maybe some corrupt and unjust laws are being passed, maybe some rights are being taken away. These are my guesses on the corrupt elite’s negative motives.

There may be positive motives behind the fading, corrupt elite’s actions. Maybe the people up top knows that since behind the scenes, some of the public’s favorite musicians, actors, actresses, politicians, and big business movers and shakers are getting exposed for far more sinister deeds than stealing a damn joke- a smoke screen story is needed.

We all know how the western side of the world, particularly us ‘ol Americans love and worship our celebrities. Many of you will be devastated to find out what high level corruption they were involved in. So maybe some are getting dragged through the mud behind closed doors and they are scared of the celebrity-obsessed public from going crazy and becoming depressed after finding out many of them are immoral degenerates.

Maybe the powers that be are becoming the powers that were as they are gradually losing their power. Maybe the media wants to slowly ease this transition to the unsuspecting public.

Middle aged and senior citizen comedians beefing over a stolen joke is not worth this much press- especially considering some of the side stories I read that aren’t making front page news in our collective minds and made to go viral.

Let’s not fool ourselves with viral content, either. Many things go viral organically. But many videos are pushed, marketed, craftily guided, and socially engineered into viral status. This is especially so if the interview or video makes it’s way from the prestigious bright lights of mainstream television and works its way down to the remote corners of our little social media pages on our smart phones that we have on us 24-7. This supposed controversial story happened on the Club Shay Shay podcast show hosted by NFL football legend, Shannon Sharpe.

Shannon Sharpe seems like a solid and genuine guy. Katt Williams also seems solid and genuine. I don’t suspect that they are up to no good. They still have to maneuver within that world.

Oh. Right. I guess I should explain what happened real quick. Comedian, Katt Williams guest appeared on Shannon Sharpe and claimed comedian Cedric The Entertainer stole one of his jokes. He criticized several other comedians and celebrities for doing underhanded stuff, even though it was nothing too crazy to the point of what this entire bullshit story is trying to distract us from. Ced responded back denying the accusation and saying all the tough talk is corny. Comedian, Ricky Smiley took the high road and wished love to Katt Williams. Rapper Ludacris responded by recording a dis track of Katt Williams.

Now we have people debating over whose side to take and what their opinion is. Many, like myself, are taking a humorous approach and making jokes about the situation. I just happen to believe this was either planned or the joke stealing beef happened awhile back, organically and they just decided to pick now to sensationalize and exacerbate an already real situation.

Ha ha. Let’s wait for the next controversy and see what the rest of 2024 will bring. I have plenty more content coming about deeper issues in the next few months for the premium section of this website. Stay tuned.


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