In many states, court judges rule themselves in secrecy and don’t hold each other accountable for corruption and misconduct.

Specifically in South Carolina, there were 1,000 ethics cases lodged against judges of that state over the last two decades. Volunteer Advisor to the Board of Catapult Outreach Inc.,  Evelyn Hemphill had a troubling experience with a domestic dispute she had with her ex-husband and the indifferent court systems.

“Domestic violence contributed to the ending of my marriage,” Hemphill states. She claims it was mental and financial abuse and not the physical abuse that’s often thought of in domestic abuse.  Hemphill states that she was culpable in some ways in causing the dissolution of her marriage. However, Hemphill also states that the subsequent financial and mental abuse by her ex-husband was what prompted her to seek legal representation.

“I had to use my son’s college money to give it to the system so they can send their kids to college,” she maintains. “I also had to use my 401k.” Evelyn Hemphill also states that she wants to educate and enlighten people about the ineptitude of the court systems.

Hemphill says she was fighting to keep in contact with her son after her marriage ended. “He (Hemphill’s son) was 6 all the way until he was 18 as I was fighting this case. If I didn’t know the court system, I would not know my son. The entire case took 14 years altogether. Everything is over now. It went all the way to the Supreme Court.”

Hemphill also states that several of the  lawyers she hired, failed to file the necessary paperwork for her case and that many lawyers showed an over eagerness to represent her for the hefty price being paid. “Lawyers are like vultures once they see the money,” she states.

In closing, I’ll say this. As we all know, mainstream media has a huge stranglehold on the minds of the general public. I’ve stated many times on this website how I don’t like how mainstream liberalism uses women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, minority rights, and whatever common group they can label as an aggrieved minority group to cut in to Black-specific issues while they clearly won’t allow Blacks to cut into women-specific, or other aggrieved minority-specific issues- as they shouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean I condone any harm or injustice to women, gays, or minorities of other races or ethnic backgrounds.

Most people in America and the Western world as a whole, has an us against them, tribal mentality. They also have an adversarial, rep-my-set mentality. It could be based on one-off opinions based in some controversy the media decides to make viral, trendy, or constantly shove in our faces, it could be based on class, social status, religion, Black vs. White, Republican vs Democrat, rich vs. poor, men vs. women, and now straight vs. gay. This is righteous vs. unrighteousness, justice vs. injustice, and bully vs. the innocent person or group minding their own business.

Evelyn Hemphill happens to be an African-American woman who needs her story told. As Malcolm X once stated, “The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.”

Even though this blog speaks to Black-specific issues, I don’t condone mistreatment of women of any race. I don’t condone mistreatment of any group. Be that as it may, usually mistreatment of other groups are a social issue and not a structural or systemic problem. Only Blacks face deliberate and consistent systematic discrimination.

Hemphill is unable to disclose the specifics of the mental and financial abuse in her former marriage. So my point isn’t to take sides and take on a her vs. him, who’s right vs. who’s wrong mentality. The main point is that domestic violence as a whole is wrong and mistreatment of any group is wrong- even if it isn’t always systemic. But if you have a court system that has 1,000 complaints over 20 years, there’s a glitch in the system somewhere.

The only problem is that the systemic mistreatment against Blacks isn’t an anomaly or glitch in a system. Systemic treatment of Blacks is the system. The actual why of this sad reality is another topic for another day.

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