Joe Biden will sign a holiday commemorating the freedom of Black people but won’t sign an executive order to punish unjustifiable murders of Black citizens by “law enforcement.” This holiday was signed over to placate outraged Black people at the racial turmoil that was taking place in 2020. I would rather see laws established that punishes racist murderers.

Juneteenth plays off the month June combined with the 19th of June. Slavery was abolished in April 1865, but Texas residents weren’t notified until June. This didn’t happen until Major General Gordon Granger and 2,000 union troops rode into Galveston Texas to let them know they were free.

It almost seems if the higher ups that President Biden is working for is trying to mock Black people. You name a holiday to commemorate a group of people being free for a few months and not knowing until late that they were free. This is a holiday sneak diss.

On top of that, it’s just more symbolism. They always give symbolic gestures. They’ll name a holiday after a late notification of freedom from bondage. They’ll name a street after Dr. Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. They might even name a building after George Floyd or Breonna Taylor. We need more substantive benefits and not symbolic gestures. They need to pass legislation that punishes racially motivated police brutality. They need to pass executive orders that give equal punishments to all citizens for committing the same crime. Their needs to be a complete abolishment of racial discrimination in areas of law, labor, housing, entertainment, politics, education, and any other major institution.

I don’t expect Biden or any local politician to do that. That’s why we need to keep pushing for more substantive benefits and not intangible benefits. Enjoy the day off though.

Despite how cynical I feel about those “kind-hearted” White politicians giving Black people a holiday, I still say we need to salute the Black slaves who suffered for us and who built this country for lazy, racist, pricks who couldn’t stand out in the sun from sunup to sundown to build the country their damn selves. Skin cancer and flaky skin would have been the result, so they had to use the original man and woman of the earth to build this country. God bless America, and God bless our ancestors who built this country. And God bless a righteous person with a pure heart and pure intentions of any race.

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