I tend to think there’s a possibility that a lot of the latest trending controversies with celebrities and average joes are staged for theater. These trending controversies will have us talking, debating, philosophizing, and offering our cute little opinions of what we think- whether it’s eloquently stated or ignorantly stated. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was revealed a few decades later that this was staged. In the meantime, I’ll just pretend that I think mainstream media isn’t lowkey WWE- or high key to some of us. I will also pretend that some of these events aren’t staged. I’ll offer my cute little views, opinions, and philosophies on the story and the reaction by the people to the story- based on the assumption that it wasn’t staged. So, to all of my fellow tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists, I’m already with you.

We witnessed Will Smith slap Chris Rock on live television. Here’s what makes the whole thing suspect to me. Normally, unscripted TV malfunctions by the people on TV or technical difficulty malfunctions is met with an abrupt commercial break and then a return after the malfunction is fixed. TV producers usually know how to cover up unplanned mistakes. They know how to present programs smoothly. And usually, security would’ve escorted Will Smith or any other aggressor off the stage after a violent altercation.

Most high-level celebrities are polished on media presentations. I’m sure Will Smith was conscious of the entire world watching them. Even if he was seething with rage at Chris Rock’s innocuous GI Jane joke, in that moment of rage, the self-awareness of being on live TV would’ve halted his violent reaction. Then he would’ve waited to smack Chris Rock backstage away from the cameras.

Had we not saw this altercation on live television and only heard trending stories of rumors that Will Smith “allegedly smacked Chris Rock back stage”, I would’ve believed it. I would’ve had the natural “while. That’s crazy!” reaction the way a lot of people had actually watching it. Instead, I had a “Gtfoh. This probably fake as hell” reaction. I still don’t have a definitive opinion on whether it’s fake or real. It could be fake, and it could’ve actually been real. Who knows? One thing I am sure of is that the media likes to play mind games and put mind control on us unsuspecting watchers.

What would be the motive though? To maybe give the Oscar’s some ratings. Let’s be real. Nobody watches that shit. Many people, including myself, didn’t even know the Oscar’s was on  until this supposed Will Smith slap on Chris Rock started trending.

Maybe it happened to boost ticket sales for Chris Rock’s comedy tickets. We know entertainment has ebbs and flows of different acts. One moment you’re hot and the next minute you’re “played out” “old school” or “no longer relevant.” Chris Rock is not as big as he was in the mid 90s to early 2000s. So best believe when Chris Rock does another comedy tour the trending headline will read “Chris Rock’s first comedy tour since the Will Smith slap.”

Will Smith is still so-called relevant. But even he’ll have a boost in ratings for interviews and for promoting his next movie. Because we know each reporter will say “Talk about the Chris Rock incident.”

Or maybe they- whoever they are- hope more people will watch the Oscar’s next year. No one’s still going to bother watching that crap- even after they craft clever headlines of “Oscar’s are back again this year after the Will Smith slap of Chris Rock last year.” Their needs to be a slap every year to get more viewers.

Or maybe the elites want to distract us from some new oppressive law being passed, some right of ours being taken away, or some high-level corruption being exposed. So, they want our collective attention on an Oscar’s bitch slap. Every time some weird ass story that I personally don’t think is that important gets over reported and ran in the ground, I ask “What’s going on here?” “Why do they keep reporting on this nonsense?” “What are they trying to hide from us or distract us from? Or what agenda are they trying to push?”

Or maybe their motive is to keep us on a continuous argumentative, negative, ridiculing, judgmental, and adversarial frequency. Emotions like guilt, shame, fear, and judgment keep us on a low frequency and vibration as well as binds that low frequency to matter. But love, joy, harmony, and enlightenment keep us on a higher God frequency. But let me stop. I don’t want to get to metaphysical and spiritual on you- at least not now.

I’ve stated this before. Many news stories are either hoaxes, staged, or cherry-picked. A hoax, meaning that the story that’s being reported never actually happened. Staged, meaning the reported incident did happen, but was not a natural occurrence- it was pre-planned and staged to happen and then pre-planned to over report on it to push a certain agenda. Cherry-picked, meaning, the incident happened naturally, along with many other newsworthy incidents around the world that are just as newsworthy if not more. But they excluded other newsworthy stories and singled out and cherry-picked one naturally occuring story to over report on at a time that was politically convenient or time-conducive to push a certain agenda- or distract us from something bigger.

If this Will Smith/Chris Rock fiasco was a natural occurrence, I hope Will Smith gets some help and finds his happy space. Clearly, something else caused his reaction. Chris Rock is good. He’ll probably joke himself on his next standup performance. They’ll probably hug and makeup. Now let’s wait for something else to happen to get us all talking.




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