It’s a lot of talk going on about the submarine implosion and the 5 billionaires who died while on the submarine as it traveled under water. Condolences to the victims’ families and friends.

There are a lot of people calling them stupid and dumb for going deep under water in a cheap, low-tech submarine. Many are saying stuff like, “Money can’t buy intelligence,” and “That’s what they get.”

I won’t talk bad about them. I know the tone of this page is critical, cynical, and snide towards a lot of the mainstream nonsense dealing with corruption and propaganda, but I don’t really have anything negative to say about someone who dies tragically. I get that some people think all or most billionaires are cut-throat and greedy and many subconsciously have an envy towards them. Many think these billionaires earned their money through shady means.

I’ll just say that I don’t know how these billionaires earned their money and won’t rack my brain trying to figure it out. None of us has no way of knowing what the true character of these people are or whether they were shady billionaires or philanthropic, altruistic, and giving billionaires who gave back to the community and helped underprivileged people and families. I still wouldn’t wish this type of harm on them or anyone else for that matter.

I’m really only mentioning this story because it’s trending and to keep the algorithms going and bring more traffic to this site. I will give you guys deeper content that will be on the premium section and free section in the upcoming moments. There’s really nothing to say for some of these weird stories those people up top decide to shove in our face and make trend.

But be careful, people. If you get rich, become wealthy, or run into some big money, don’t get cocky and reckless into thinking money makes you invincible and untouchable. Even if you achieve some new milestone achievement that doesn’t involve earning money. Remember guys, no one is invincible.

It might be too early to even have an opinion or view on the submarine implosion with 5 billionaires on it. As time goes on, the public will receive more info from the media and I will have a stronger opinion on it. But by that time, I’ll have moved on to other subjects and will have forgot about this one.

But in the mean time, I’ll just tell everyone to simply be careful and don’t make the mistake of thinking your money will make you invincible.

Stay tuned for more content. I’ve been hard at work preparing more content for you for the premium and regular sections. I’m confident you’ll love it. Stay tuned, stay up, and keep supporting and thanks and gratitude for the support so far.


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