We all know the obvious reason why Black people should, shouldn’t and don’t celebrate Independence Day. Black people celebrate “the 4th of July” and not so-called Independence Day. As I stated earlier, that obvious reason is that Black people were enslaved by Whites on the day the White-ruled 13 colonies attained Independence from the other White-ruled Great Britain on July 4, 1776. So Blacks have justifiable cynicism with regard to Independence Day. We weren’t free, so why are we celebrating?

Black people still celebrate however. Black people simply celebrate having a day off from working- working for a company that probably benefitted off their ancestors slave labor. Many household name companies benefitted off slavery. True story. Black people also celebrate the height of the summer, barbecuing, and simply getting together with family and friends to reminisce, catch up, laugh and joke.

Black people, are culturally proud to be American. But not a lot of people are thinking about the American flag, the actual country as a noble place and entity, or the racist policies and hypocritical inclinations. Black people don’t overly fawn over the country the way Whites, especially conservatives do. We’re simply thinking about barbecuing, and catching up with cousin Ray Ray, Uncle Otis, and Aunt Nadine an ‘nem.

You’ll rarely hear Black people use the term ‘Independence Day.’ We call it 4th of July or July 4th. Because it’s just another day. It just happens to be a government celebrated day off for us to barbecue, eat some wings, drink some alcohol, and feel festive in the process. Black people think about ribs, burgers, Hennessy, Bud Light, spades card games, and dominoes- not some old 1700s racist White men with funny hair styles signing some got-damn paper signaling their independence from another group of bigots.

The holiday might have the name of Independence Day, but the day signifies family barbecuing, a day off, and just plain ol’ fun.

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